Your 12 Month Organizing Plan

The start of a New Year is my favorite time to make my 12 Month Organizing Plan, although truly, you can pick this baby up at anytime and get started.  The key for me is making sure it’s not too complicated. It can’t be so detailed that I’ll never get past the first step because I’ve bitten off way more than my packed schedule will ever let me to chew. And yet I need a plan just detailed enough to point me in the right direction with a great foundation so I can tweak it as I go.

Your 12 Month Organizing Plan | gomominc.com

While our needs, houses, families, and organized challenges may be dramatically different, our goal to not just be organized but live organized is exactly the same.  And so I begin with a list ~ shocker I know!  I create this list with a simple walk through of our home to see what needs changing and what I need to do to make that happen. To point you in the right direction, read this post on How to Make a Personalized Home Organizing Plan. Next, consider joining our GO MOM!® mailing list. That’s the only place you’ll have access to our Free Printables Library where you can find the 12 Month Organizing Plan and Home Organizing Plan To Do List needed for this project.

Next, I’m just gonna say it ~ you simply have to have a planner!  Once you walk your house and make that awesome list of the projects you want and need to do most, you’ve got to schedule them or they will never get done.  And that’s why your planner is your road map to organized success!  If you love paper, #DIY, and a printable format that allows you to use as many or few sheets as you need at any given time, our DIY GO MOM!® Planner is the planner for you.

Your 12 Month Organizing Plan | gomominc.com

Dated monthly calendars, undated weekly calendars, and the best Organized Week Task List around.  And then there is our GO MOM!® Home Management Bundle.  Without a doubt my ultimate ground zero for all things home, this is the place where your 12 Month Organizing Plan comes together because it has so many of the additional worksheets you need to manage your home.

So about that 12 Month Organizing Plan…

In 2013 I created a year long series of videos and posts based on the concept that you need to live like you are moving.  Why? Because when it comes time to list your house, you do everything you possibly can to make is shine inside and out. From organizing personal files to minimizing clutter and unnecessary decor, blowing up closets replacing only what’s needed to clearing out garages so you can finally park the actual number of cars they were designed to hold and more.  You love on your home like you’ve never loved on it before, only to sell it to the luckiest person on earth. This year its your turn to live in that incredibly well organized house that you actually get to call home. And thanks to those videos, posts and a few others along the way, for those who are looking for one we’ve got a tidy little 12 Month Organizing Plan for 2016 all set and ready to roll. Here is how it works:

  • Each month we have a topic to identify your focus for that entire month.
  • Each monthly topic is tied to what is typically on most busy Moms minds at that time of year.
  • Each monthly topic has between 2 and 4 videos and posts to give you a “do now” solution to better organize a specific process or space related to that topic.
  • Each monthly topic can be tied to your personalized home organizing plan.

12 Month Organizing Plan

How to Make a Personalized Home Organizing Plan

January Home Office

Evaluate Your Space

Clean it Out

How to Choose Must Have Office Supplies

Tackle the Little Things

February Family Finance

Budget Planner

Home Inventory

Record Keeping

Document Safety

March Spring Cleaning

How To Spring Clean Your Kitchen

How To Spring Clean Your Bathroom

How To Spring Clean Your Entryway

How to Spring Clean Outside

How to Organize a Garage

April Beauty and Fashion

Skin Care  Short Cuts

Short Cuts for Hair

How to Organize Shoes

How to Organize Hand Bags

How to Organize Jewelry

May Memorabilia

Organizing Old Greeting Cards

Creating Keepsake Boxes for Kids

5 Tips to Organize Kids Artwork

June Get Organized for Summer

33 Must Haves for Outdoor Fun

Get Organized for Summer Paperwork

Get Organized for Summer Schedules

How to Make a Summer Family Command Center

July Family Travel

How to Make a Family Travel Planner

Mom Must Have Travel Bags

August Back To School

How to Make A #DIY Back to School Planner

How to Organize Kids Closets

Entryway Ideas for Back to School

Organized Homework Spaces for Kids

Pantry Ideas for Back to School

5 Spaces to Organize for Back to School

September Routines

Calendar Routines for Busy Moms

School Routines for a Smooth September

Meal Planning Routines for Busy Moms

October Fall Cleaning

How to Clean Windows

How to Clean Baseboards

How to Clean Your Carpets

November Holidays

How to Make a #DIY Holiday Planner

4 Tips to Organize Board Games

The Best Way to Organize Your Linen Closet

5 Tips for an Organized Guest Bathroom

Guest Room Ideas for the Holidays

December Get Organized for Next Year

Planning for Next Year

Manage Your Time with a #DIY Planner

So there you go! 12 months of organized action steps to move you closer to the organized life you’ve been seeking.  What you might be asking yourself right now…

Are there more topics that could be included on this list than what I see here?  Oh Mom…there always are! There are always more projects and tasks that can grow from those that you conquer. It’s up to you to decide if you will add to your to-do list or not.

Will GO MOM!® update this list with new posts during 2016?  Entirely possible! One of the reasons I love to share organizing tips is because there are SO many topics for us to discuss. The key is making sure that what I share here will be helpful and fresh to you, something you hadn’t discovered and wish you’d knew sooner, something you love. So if you see a topic we haven’t covered on this list that you think would be the icing on that month’s organized cake, leave me a comment and let me know.  A New Year means a new calendar full of posts and videos so making sure we offer you the ones you want most is why were are here ~ ask and you shall receive!

We are thrilled to begin this New Year with you getting just a bit more organized one week at at time, give or take!

Thanks so much for stopping by ~ see you next time!

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