Why I’m Grateful for My Blog

2016 has been an interesting year. In an effort to improve our family finances, I took a new role working locally and found that I’m not the best at juggling that day job and my work in social media. Because I was learning a new role with the promise of a steady income, I scaled back my activity at GO MOM!®. But after a year, I’ve realized how much I have missed it, that 2017 means diving back in, and why I’m grateful for my blog.

Why I'm Grateful for My Blog | gomominc.com

This post was inspired and sponsored by Domain.ME, the provider of the personal domains that end in .ME. As a company, they aim to promote thought leadership to the tech world. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

While a blog wasn’t the reason I started my company, crafting blog posts (and videos) has become the anchor for my work. Between the many posts and growing list of GO MOM!® Bundles, the website is a library of my favorite ideas for how to Outsmart the Chaos™ while following my own journey as a busy Mom. In the process, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing people and brands in the world, discovering talents I had no idea I had and loving my work with all my heart. And the result has been the evolution of a community for busy Moms looking to Outsmart the Chaos™ just like me.

The short version backstory? I started my company and website in 2000 to sell my product, The GO MOM!® Planner. An idea I had while rocking my first born son, we launched selling product out of my Dad’s basement and in 2004, licensed our product to Mead Westvaco to bring the planner to mass market. We secured placement in Target in 2004 and thrived in that space through 2008. But when the market fell apart, so did paper planning tools as digital planning took center stage. It was at that then that I began my journey sharing do-now solutions for all things home organization and family time management and converting our products into Printable Bundles on key organizational topics that busy Moms can access anytime anywhere.

Fast forward to today and online I’m known as the voice of organized motherhood and GOMOMINC.com is a well known online resource full of videos and posts for Moms of kids in elementary school through college. I am happiest sharing conversations that include the following categories titled Celebrate, Lifestyle, Organize, School, Sports, Travel, and Printables. And this past year, I found that not sharing leaves me out of kilter.

Which leads me to sharing why I’m grateful for my blog.

My blog is authentic.

When it comes to social media, being authentic is king. That means when you attend industry events or meet fellow influencers in person through brand events, it’s clear if you are who you say you are. I have always felt that one of the greatest validations of my work online that I could receive from social media colleagues is hearing “You are the same in person as you are on camera.” Because that’s exactly what I want to be ~ me no matter how we meet.

My blog is unique.

While there may be plenty of similar blogs discussing home organization and family time management, just like you, I am the only me there is and that means my work is unique to me. Every person has a set of God given gifts and I am so very grateful that my blog gives me a platform to share mine. I’m hopeful it helps people and I know it brings me so much joy in the process.

My blog forces self acceptance.

In 2009, my long time colleague and friend Maria Bailey told me I needed to make videos and get active on social media. At that time Twitter was the place to be and I jumped in having no clue what to do. Same with my videos.  For the love my very first video? Girl. Let’s just say I’ve come a long way (with much more to learn but still!). Almost 8 years later, both have given me all kinds of professional success and for that I’m very grateful.

Working on blog forces acceptance on so many levels. Some of the things that have challenged me most? Accepting my limits when it comes to juggling work and family. Knowing my technical limits. Acknowledging that I was burnt out on video and needed a break.  Finding inspiring work that is profitable. That last one is my biggest challenge ~ why I sought something else to depend on ~ yet I miss the creative joy in so many ways.

But here is the thing. This work is my heart. Stepping away from it to earn income in a different way has only made me miss it and want to return with a passion to learn new ways to do what I love while making it profitable enough to do it all on it’s one. This means gathering up my confidence and creativity and going after the unknown all over again, just like I did in 2000. My blog pushes me professionally in ways I might not be able to in any other career. And that alone is more than enough reason to be so very grateful for my blog.

If you find yourself in a creative or career funk, or simply just wanting to do something fun and new, the coming year might be at the perfect time of you to consider jumping online and creating your own blog. It doesn’t have to be product based like mine ~ it can be something personal or totally silly, creative or career focused ~ the choice is yours!


If so, check out Domain.ME. They’re a top-level domain provider and the .ME extension offers the flexibility to create clever, memorable online destinations (like Ti.ME or Despicable.ME). If you do, I’d love for you to share how you are getting started in the comments below or online using the #BeginningOfME hashtag.

Thanksgiving week is a time to focus on what makes us happy.  My blog has given me more joy than I ever imagined it would.  I’m hopeful this post inspires you to consider doing what makes you happy too. You deserve it and so much more!

Thanks so much for stopping by ~ see you next time!

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