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At the beginning of this year, I added a new and wonderful role to my work, designing home organization solutions here in the Raleigh area.  I LOVE what I do but can I just tell you something? I had no idea how bad I’d be about taking care of me! Like oh my word are you kidding me bad at taking care of me! Moms know that life comes at you fast and from the moment we wake up, we hit the ground running with that mental to do list even if our feet haven’t even hit the floor.  We are organizing the day, making mental notes about how we’ll juggle, worrying about this issue or that, and before we know it we are already stressed and we’ve yet to even get out of bed. And none of those thoughts include me time.

When I think of me time ~ things that restore me, fulfill me, rejuvenate me ~ this is what comes to mind:

  • Time with my Bible ~ I try to do this daily but I’d be lying if I said that was true. Sometimes I’ll watch Joyce Meyer, a widely known pastor who has a sermon broadcast that is on at 10pm.  It helps me quiet my mind and focus on the Word as I go to sleep.  But its not a substitute for reading my Bible.  I need to be better about this.
  • Working out ~ I am best when I work out 5 times a week. It keeps me sane if not fit and I’d like to be more calm than crazy every day of the week.  Worth protecting that time with all I have, if I don’t do it in the morning it often won’t occur.
  • Gardening ~ I adore flowers and especially perennials and bulbs. So I can’t wait for spring and summer to work in the yard and spend time in the dirt.  It makes my heart settle and reminds me in an instant that new beginnings full of beauty are never far away.
  • Reading ~ Not for work, not for parenting, not for self help. Reading simply for pleasure and devouring a book, thinking about the characters while I’m not reading and having no trouble staying awake to read at the end of the day.  This I love.
  • Time at the beach ~ I’d move there if I could. Right now isn’t the season but someday this will happen. We live just two hours away but are in a season with our family where the free time isn’t there.  It will come.

So why does this matter?  Because the reality is, when we are at our busiest, we risk not doing any of the things we love.  And even someone as naturally organized as me is as vulnerable to skipping over her own needs as the next Mom.

Recently I posted about Juggling Work and Family and Not Doing It Well. One of the hardest posts I’ve ever written, it’s an honest look at what’s gone off the rails as I adjust to my new role and that impact on our busy days. And to be quite honest, this in between stage of chaos is taking a huge toll on how I take care of me so that I can be my best self taking care of my family, you all here at GO MOM!® (where I missing being SO much!), and everything else I do.

Sometimes the best way to jumpstart what isn’t working well is to take a #MEDay. Consider it a self imposed personal day, with or without the benefit from work to get paid to take one ~ it’s that important.  A #MEDay where you don’t have to worry about that busy family schedule or growing to-do list. Where you aren’t organizing your child’s closet in your mind for the 10th time before you finally find time to actually to it. Where you are dedicated to taking care of and appreciating yourself as much as you do your family and friends.

A #MEDay designed by you to be full what makes you happy, what keeps you relaxed, and what lets you savor your day at your very own pace.

Thanks to Domain.ME, there actually is an official #MEDay and it’s right around the corner!  Celebrated internationally, March 16th is dedicated to YOU! And me. And every busy Mom who thinks she’s too busy for herself. Because let’s face it.  For many of us it takes an international holiday to get us to finally stop and smell the roses. Or the coffee.  Or to take care of ourselves.  Domain.ME wants to take that need to appreciate and take care of ourselves one step further by promoting the values of diversity, tolerance, and freedom too.

To celebrate #MEDay, I’ve bought myself new running shoes ~ see how fun they are in the pic above! ~ and I’m going to start #MEDay on March 16th with a workout.  While this might be an everyday thing for you, for me, it’s the one thing I’ve been working hardest to get back to since January and I can’t wait to try out my new kicks! And to get back to feeling like ME! And once I’m done with that killer workout, I’m heading to the nail shop to get a pedicure so my feet are as pampered as my body too. After all, here in North Carolina, it’s already flip flop season!

There are all kinds of good things that make me love being part of #MEDay on March 16th. What about you?

What will you do for #MEDay?

When Everywhere Society reached out about this sponsored post opportunity, I couldn’t think of a better fit for what we do here at GO MOM!® Our goal is to be genuine, real, and honest about the journey. That’s why it’s good for you to know that I really am the Mom next door, walking through the calm and the crazy, one generally well organized day at a time.

I hope learning about #MEDay gives you just the nudge you need to put yourself first and take some time to celebrate and appreciate the wonder that is you.  After all, you deserve your best just as much as everyone else does yes?

Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!

Disclosure:  This post was inspired and sponsored by Domain.ME, the provider of the personal domains that end in .ME.  As a company, they aim to promote thought leadership to the tech world. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  • Jo-Lynne Shane March 16, 2016, 3:52 pm

    Love the idea of a #MEday! I am with you on your list, right from the daily bible study to wanting to live at the beach! xo

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