Why Goals are Better Than Resolutions

Welcome to your clean slate! 365 days to be your best self.  The question is, are you Team Goals or Team Resolutions!  It’s easy to see that I’m on Team Goals and this week is the perfect time to reflect and focus on the changes I’d like to make in my life and the goals setting I need to do to make that happen.  Nothing is off limits here. From personal items like health or wellness to finance and home improvement, I can create change literally in any area of my life that I choose to. But the key to my success in creating that change is discovering why goals are better than resolutions.

Why Goals are Better than Resolutions | gomominc.com

A resolution is defined as a firm decision to do or not to do something.  Notice that it doesn’t say anything about how you’ll execute or support that decision? Just that you’ll make a decision. If making a decision was the only step needed to create change and reach goals then the world would be a very different place. But the reality is that making that decision is only the beginning. Which is why I don’t like to make resolutions ~ they leave me hanging! Without an action plan, odds are I’m going to fail. Instead I set yearly goals with an action plan to get them done.

And the best part is, I get to share that with you! Our FREE Printable ~ Organized Goals.  Like all our FREE Printables, the Organized Goals worksheet is only available to GO MOM!® email subscribers. It takes you through the exact same goal setting process that I follow and I’m hopeful you’ll find it as useful as I do. Here is how I both set, and meet, my goals each year! 

Define Priorities

First I define my priorities. While it can be tempting to focus on a multitude of changes, I  limit myself to no more than five priorities each year. If I want to achieve the goals I set, I need to harness my focus to make that happen. Each priority has a positive impact on my life and makes it easy for me to see where my desired will goals fit.  Here are the priorities that often work for me:

  • Peace
  • Prosperity
  • Health
  • Happiness
  • Love

Set Goals

Once I set my priorities, I can set goals and again, I try hard to limit myself for maximum success and in this case, limit myself to no more than 3 goals per priority.  When deciding what goals I want to set, I ask myself what I want to achieve. Travel, take better pictures, increase my income, find a new church ~ these are all goals that I can set.

Map Out Action Steps

Once I set my goals, I  map out the action steps needed to achieve them. This is the meat and potatoes of the entire process. Write down every step you need to take to make your goal happen. Then you can figure out what you need to do daily, weekly, and/or monthly to make it happen.


Priority: Happiness

Goal: Take better pictures. They make me happy;.

Action Steps: 1.  What do I need to do take better pictures? I can take a class online or in person, I can get new equipment, or I can simply take pictures more often and work on making them better.

2.  I research the cost/schedule of classes and research cost of new equipment.

3.  I review my budget and decide on a class, new equipment, or both.

4. If resources need to be saved, add that to the Action Steps.

Set a Deadline and Celebrate!

Next I give myself a deadline for when I will achieve each goal.  This last part is key because without a deadline you can’t measure your progress along the way. I measure my progress simply by checking off my action steps weekly and/or monthly.

And finally, I plan how I’ll celebrate my success. In this example it can be as simple as buying a new accessory for my camera when I’ve completed the class. And that’s it!

Please note that you don’t have to have more than one goal or even more than one priority for that matter. Every year is different and I do all I can not to make myself to feel any pressure but instead, really focus on what matters to me and why. So these are simply recommendations based on what has worked for me. Tell me….

Do you get goals or resolutions?

I’m so excited to kick off the New Year with such a useful FREE printable just for you!  Remember, like all of our FREE Printables, the Organized Goals worksheet is an exclusive for GO MOM!® email subscribers. If you love useful worksheets that will help you manage your busy days, we’d love to have you join our FREE Printables community too!

Thanks so much for stopping by ~ see you next time!

Why Goals are Better than Resolutions | gomominc.com

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