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Why Business Cards Still Matter

When is the last time you got a business card you loved? No, not a greeting card, a business card. You know the kind that makes you want to look at it again, show it to a colleague because its so cool and leave a lasting impression with you about the person who gave it to you. As an entrepreneur, that’s the kind of business card I want to carry and thanks to Tiny Prints I’ve got my business card game on for BlogHer 2011.

In a digital age, business cards that rock have become an endangered species. Smart hones and QR codes have made electronic access a breeze and in social media and public relations, people change roles more often than they order cards it seems. But for me, having a great business card is simply good business etiquette and part of how the game is played. When we began the process of rebranding back in March, I found myself not wanting to carry my old card and logo knowing the awesome new logo that was waiting to be shared. So instead of churning out a card I had outgrown, I worked with Tiny Prints to create a simple calling card, carrying my key information and not design specific. Instead, it was color specific, bright pink and everyone knows I love pink so it made sense.

Fast forward to August 2011 and we are proud to roll out our new website, social media pages, and business cards all with new branding and just in time for BlogHer. Now more than ever, my business card is my identity piece, showing everyone what the new GO MOM! is all about. And yes, we did include a QR code that takes you directly to our About Page removing the need for me to hand anyone a jump drive or carry a press kit. Simply scan my code and you are on your way Outsmart the Chaos™.

One thing I’d like to see change in social media is the inclusion of mailing addresses on everyone’s cards. I understand that many social media influencers may leave them off because they work from home. IF that’s the case, then get yourself a P.O. Box and share that info on your card. I left them off this print run due to space but will be including them on the next. Why does this matter? Thank you notes. I believe in them handwritten and hope you have a stack packed for BlogHer so you can write them as you go. The good news is Tiny Prints can help you with that as well ~ enjoy!

Disclosure: Tiny Prints has provided me 100 business cards in exchange for my post. I can’t thank them enough for the amazing job they did incorporating my new logo into the design. My content is original and opinions entirely my own.

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  • Suz @ Suz's Treats July 31, 2011, 9:42 pm

    Love those cards! Can’t wait to snag one in person later this week.
    Your new blog design looks awesome! Congrats on it!

    • Molly Gold August 1, 2011, 2:11 am

      Thank you!!! I think they are pretty snappy and very fun to hand out =) Can’t wait to see you in San Diego and thank you for your kind words ~ am loving it too!

  • crazypants August 1, 2011, 2:45 pm

    This is such an amazing idea! I absolutely love it. Totally tracking you down for one. 🙂

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