Get Organized for Summer {Outdoor Fun}


Are you ready to get organized for summer?  We’ve got a 4 part series  all about helping busy Moms get ready for their kids to come home for summer break before…or just after it begins.  From paperwork to schedules, outdoor fun and learning, we’ve got you covered with what you need to do now.Our series is back and just as timely as ever because busy Moms everywhere are getting ready for their kids to get home from school. I filmed the series after one of my regular features on NBC17 My Carolina Today and hope you find it helpful as you get ready for the fun! 

Get Organized

I’m ready to get organized for summer! In North Carolina, we’ve got just a few weeks to go but for some parts of the country, you are either already out of school or staying in till the official first day of summer in late June. No matter where you live, now is the time to take care of that to-do list so you can be organized before they get there and and ready to enjoy so much outdoor fun.

Get organized for the first day!

Our “last day of school” bucket is full of all things fun and classic.  Things like a hula hoop, a brand new frisbee, a bike tire pump.  Go for classics like punch bag balls, fresh water bottle, new water guns, flashlights for tag, bug catcher and butterfly catcher for lightning bugs, and evening glow sticks.  This just starts the summer off with so much fun and the big ticket item just might be a fresh stash of water balloons.  The Welcome Home bucket is a refresh of what you might already have in your garage, making sure that what your kids want to play with outside is ready to grab on day 1.

Get organized for the pool.

I love this pool bucket because its wheeled and easily transported back and forth to the poll while being just the right size for my kids to pull it all on their own.  Load it up with a new round of swimsuits, fresh towel, new water gun, a fresh inter tube, and goggles are the basics.  Some cool ideas are waterproof card games and a towel that looks like a checkerboard.  These are both great for kids in swim team who might need creative ways to keep busy while they wait.  I believe in hanging at the pool for as long as you can so make it easy for your kids to stay content no matter what. I love having a pool bucket that my child can be responsible for her very own things, adding in pool toys and dive sticks.  It lets her get her things in and out all on her own without an effort from me, leaving me to manage the other supplies and one of my older children to pull our cooler ~ easy peasy!

Get organized just for Mom.

Flip flops, fresh sunscreen, bug related anti-itch cream, hand sanitizer and more, all stored inside zip lock bags.  Include change for the concession stand, to make a phone call, or to get fresh water.  Include your own set of fresh towels and a portable first aid kit in your very own Mom bag. All of these things will go a long way to make your summer be a wonderful time for your entire family.   I really love my own personal bag that has all the really important things ~ you could even add  emergency contact numbers and waterproof storage for your cell phone.  It just clearly serves as a home base the kids can easily identify.

I hope these tips show you ways to get organized for summer and outdoor fun.  I love being ready for those first late nights of firefly catching, that mad dash to the pool after school, and being able to just delight in the innocent joy that is the  wonder of summer fun.  I also hope they are inspiration to help you focus on living every day of your summer with an eye on fun and enjoying your kids to the fullest.  So tell me…

How do you get organized for summer outdoor fun before your kids get home?

Thanks for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!


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