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6 Tips for Summer Learning

6 Tips for Summer Learning

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It’s time to talk summer learning. Everywhere you turn you are bombarded with messages about how your child will suffer unless you make sure they spend the summer hitting the books. As a Mom of a new high school graduate all the way to an older elementary student, I can tell you I’ve had my fair share of summer learning worries.  But at the end of the day, summer learning is only as valuable as the fun it can be for your children as they grow.  So before your kids come home from school or even if they are already home, now is the time to set up a strategy for inside fun. Check out my 6 tips:

Summer Learning Means Play

Create an educational games collection.  There are so many great games out there for math and vocabulary, things that are strategy based taking concrete concepts and turning them into fun.  Make sure that they can be carried anywhere in the house and outside for loads of laughter and learning. We actually set some time daily to play out on the deck. We play as a family and its always fun to team up and play outside.  Games are a great way to bridge siblings different interests, age gaps, and an open invitation for family nights full of laughter.

Summer Learning Means Read

Create a book basket that can travel with your kids anywhere in the house.  Decorate it with some fun ribbons and stock it with fresh books at just the right reading level that your kids will enjoy.  Educators often say your goal over the summer is to at minimum make sure to maintain the level your child ends their school year at.  A break through is awesome but having fun reading is the prize.  Keep up the habit of daily reading by choosing a natural down time and include a timer in the basket to make sure you get your minutes in.  You’ll find that the freedom of the summer will make it second nature for your kids to curl up and spend some time reading for fun.

Summer Learning with Educational Tools

This one is all about workbooks, crossword puzzles, and flashcards for those summer learning sessions you know you’ll want to support. Go there and make sure its all about working on key skills.  This is where you’ll be honest that what you are pulling out will be designed for serious work on those summer skills.  This bin is a great take along for siblings who may have some waiting time at a practice or event they’d rather not have to attend.

Summer Learning Online

Print out a list of great websites that your kids can spend time on that everyone will love. Think of sites that your school has already chosen as partners in education and your kids are familiar with.  Then use it as a reward.  Set the habit in place that after you spend 30 minutes on a site like Study Island for self paced Math practice, play time on the Wii is the prize.  Its a tangible experience for hard work and its rewards where your kids might want them most.  If online learning is new for your family, check out my review of Raising Digital Families for Dummies to help you learn the ropes and know your kids are safe.

Summer Learning in the Kitchen

I love to have a baking basket because we spend a lot of time in the summer baking brownies and cookies.  And baking is a great opportunity to talk all things math and science…or to simply have some fun making sweet treats to enjoy.  If the kids are in the mood to bake, I love for them to be able to grab what they need independently from the pantry and have it ready to go.  So set up some kits complete with supplies for baking or smores and you’ll be off and running for some summer fun in the kitchen.


Get Organized

I hope these tips help you get organized for summer learning and inside fun that is both relaxing, secretly education, and creative.  All of these tips are designed to help make your summer full of memories that are exactly what you hoped they will be.   So tell me…

How do you get organized for summer learning without it being a chore?

Just finding us now and wondering what else you should do to get organized for summer?  Check out the series and get started now! Get Organized for Summer {Outdoor Fun}Get Organized for Summer {Paperwork}, and  Get Organized for Summer {Schedules}  And if you love Pinterest, check out our Family Organization Board for all kinds of clever tips. I hope you find it helpful as you get ready for the summer fun. Thanks for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!


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  • Nicole Feliciano June 5, 2013, 2:01 pm

    Love the idea of a book basket!

    • admin June 6, 2013, 1:56 pm

      Nicole I have always found that to be the most visible and convenient way not only to remind my kids to read but me too! Its a win win for us all =) Thanks for commenting!

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