Top 6 College Shopping Tips for Moms

If you are the Mom of a rising college freshman, you are in the countdown to dorm move in day just 4 short weeks away! And that means it’s time to buy ALL the things to make sure your child is ready. Except here is the thing ~ he really doesnt need ALL the things. But he definitely needs some key things you may not already have ~ can you say Twin XL bedding made specifically for dorm beds? Who knew!

I’ve come to realize that when I go through life events with my own kids that need a process, I make a product. Seriously ~ it’s how I channel my stress I am sure.  So when my two sons made their way to college two years apart, I learned A LOT about college shopping and am excited to share those tips here with you ~ check it out!

Top 6 College Shopping Tips for Mom from GoMomInc.com

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Research university approved room supply lists.

You probably received this when you attended orientation, but its widely available on the college website in the housing section. Double check this to make sure you know what is approved to bring and not to bring. You may be surprised to learn about restrictions on what you can use for wall hangings, power strips, and more.

The best time to shop is the first two weeks of August.

When it comes to all things college, these first two weeks of August are GO TIME! From electronics to big box retailers and more, the shelves are stocked full of all the unique things that college students are looking for. It makes it so efficient and easy for you to tackle it within a reasonable time.

Use coupons everywhere you shop.

The amount of coupons available this time of year is off the hook! From big box retailers to electronics, athletic, housewares, and clothing speciality stores, now is the time when they are marketing hard to your student, their very lucrative target market. Be savvy and look for those “20% off your entire purchase” coupons, sign up for email subscriber coupon lists, mobile coupon offers, and download store apps so you can easily access the latest offers. Combined with the normal coupon offers for back to school supplies and personal care items you’ll be amazed at how much money you will save. And when you are spending tens of thousands of dollars…believe me Mom…this REALLY matters!

Moving to campus is a major life event that demands thoughtful organization. To help you and your college student get ready for this downsize, I’ve got some tips for the organizing process to point you both in the right direction.

Less is more when it comes to supplies.

While you want to send your baby off with everything they could possibly need ~ Mama Bear ~ less is more. When you visit for Family Weekend later this fall, you’ll be amazed to see what hasn’t been used and how when you ask your student, they’ll say they won’t expect using it during the semester at all. This is why it is so key to involve your student in supply shopping and make sure they know what they have in that dorm room and use it well. No need to waste money and time. Keep in mind that if you are driving, transporting tons of stuff might be easy. But if your student is far enough away that you’ll be doing onsite pick up at local stores near campus or shipping things, once you have to pay for shipping, its easy to remember that less truly is more.

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Plan to shop on move in day.

Don’t think that you’ll have it all on move in day. Something will pop up and you’ll need to run out to the local big box retailers ~ I promise this is a good thing. It helps you both get the lay of the land so your student knows where he can find those key items once you are back home.

Rent text books online.

A side note about text books ~ we’ve had wonderful success with Valore.com and Amazon Prime for Students. These sites have saved our son a TON of money and most of his books don’t even involve the campus book store. This is a big change from our college days and because our son has to pay for his books, we have been thrilled with the savings renting online has offered him each time.

GO MOM!® College Packing Checklist

You simply had to know that we would create what we think is the ultimate college packing list! Its two pages long, has space to write you own list of additional items, and then covers everything. Seriously! Electronics, clothing, room supplies, move in day ~ you’ll want a change a clothes, the camera, and a dolly – who knew! There are personal care items, things for studying, bedding, cleaning ~ yeah, they have to clean their dorm room!

You can find our FREE GO MOM!® College Packing Checklist in the Free Printables Section of our Printables Store available for GO MOM!® Email Subscribers.

GO MOM! Free Printable College Packing Checklist | gomominc.com

Tell me…

What are your best college shopping tips for Moms this fall?

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