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courtesy of DeVries PR and Tide


P&G is a brand that has a special place in my heart.  Long before there was motherhood or social media, there was a little girl that grew up in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio.  She danced in the Cincinnati Ballet’s Nutcracker thanks to winning a contest at Frish’s Big Boy designed to find children for the party scene.  She ate at LaRosa’s Pizza on Friday nights with her friends after school basketball games.  She attended Cincinnati Reds baseball games thanks to the free tickets she received stapled to her report card when there were straight As.  And…she attended her first ever focus group, blind testing Jiff Peanut Butter on afternoon at her junior high school.

The little girl was me and one could claim that its thanks to that focus group that I have such a love for consumer products.  Fast forward more years than you need to know and today, P&G’s purpose remains the same as it ever was, to touch and improve lives.  As a busy Mom and loyal consumer, I could not love more the very real conviction that P&G recognizes moms for their central role and aims to support and thank them wherever they can.

This year, P&G will again be supporting athletes and the families who love them as they compete in the London 2012 Games in London.  I’ve been honored to join fellow Moms and social media influencers Audrey McClelland and Renee Ross as a member of the Tide Gold Medal Blogger Team.  Our mission has been to share our stories about what the Red, White, and Blue mean to us, how the American Flag embodies each of our stories to create the true picture of our nation, and to share the awesome inspiration we each discovered as we interviewed Olympic athletes.

On July 3rd, Tide took over part of Bryant Park in New York City to unveil an amazing flag created by uniting 1500 stories shared on Facebook and Twitter throughout the campaign.  Each was printed on a swatch of fabric (of course washed in Tide first to make sure all the colors would be crisp and vibrant) that was then sewn together.  The outcome was massive!  Measuring 117 feet by 52 feet, the Tide My Story, Our Flag project dominated the park with its overwhelming presence.


courtesy DeVries PR and Tide

I can only imagine how inspiring this massive flag must have been!  Being part of this project has been a great catalyst to ask myself if I’m honoring my heritage, my flag, and my country to the fullest.  To know not only what it stands for but what its promises mean for me.  To share that with my family and friends so they will do the same.  Even though the physical “My Story. Our Flag” has come and gone, If you want to inspire Team USA with your story, submit via the app labeled “Join Our Flag” on Tide’s Facebook page or by tweeting their story using the hashtag #TideFlag.

Tell me…when is the last time you thought about what the American Flag truly means to you?
Thanks so much for stopping by…we’ll see you next time!
Disclosure: Special thanks to Tide for engaging me to serve in a professional capacity for this campaign.  A lifelong Olympic fan I proudly sported a Dorothy Hamill bob in 1976 and drew a picture of myself on the podium winning the Gold medal just like most every other little girl that magical year.  I am honored to participate and humbled to be witness to such inspiring faith and as always, my opinions are entirely my own.

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