The WAHM Summer Juggle ~ Work and Vacation

The WAHM Summer Juggle ~ Work and Vacation

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Work and vacation can have a very hard time getting along.  Ironic that we work all year long to make sure we can afford to take that time off and when the chance finally arrives, its so hard for us to truly walk away.  Today we are talking about the summer juggle when it comes to work and vacation. Hopefully this summer includes some time off for you. Time where you don’t have anything you have to do, some time when you can sleep in, some time when you can stay up late and there is no obligation for what you need to do the next day. If not, there is still time, but here are some things you need to think about as you deal with the summer juggle when thinking about work and vacation.


Work and Vacation Power Down

This could be a video all on its own and it is quite possibly the hardest thing to do.  When you go on vacation, you don’t need to post updates to Facebook, you don’t need to be checking email back at the office.  The only real reason you need that cell phone is if someone needs to get in touch with you for an emergency.  So if the only way you can insure you stay off social networks or check email is to make sure that those applications aren’t on your phone, just remove them for a week and re-install them when you get back.  The goal of this vacation is to keep your mind clear.

Work and Vacation Away from Home

If you have animals, if you receive mail, if you have anything that might need to continue to happen at your house even while you are gone, hire a local teenager from the neighborhood who would love to make some good money tax free.  Dog sitting, fish sitting, mail getting, newspaper toting, lawn mowing, whatever it takes. And if you need to go the distance based on those animals and need someone to stay at your house, you can find a college student you can trust from a family you know well that would be more than willing to take on that responsibility.  So take care of the details at home so you can enjoy your time away.

Work and Vacation Delegation

Make sure you have planned ahead and that all of your work has been delegated, not only for the week you are gone but the secret sauce is for the week that you get back.  We all know there is nothing worse than having a phenomenal vacation, no matter how long or short, than the fist day back which is always overwhelming.  So the best way I know how to make sure that first day back doesn’t have to be more than just checking up on email and those days are clear is to block them as if you aren’t there.  This will enable you to have a bit of ramp up time and make sure that the work that might be necessary that week has already been completed ahead of time or delegated.

WAHM, work and vacation

Vacation is intended to give you rest, to restore you, give you a fresh perspective and help you reconnect.  Follow these three tips and make the most of the blessing that a vacation can be.  Its a juggle, I know, because it means that leading up to vacation can be stressful.  But you are going to plan for that on your planner, and you are going to work those extra hours to make sure it all gets done.  You are going to make it all happens because you are worth it, you deserve it, and your family deserves it too.

And let’s face it ~ work and vacation might just be the hardest part of the WAHM Summer Juggle.  Its not easy to walk away from your job when you are used to answering the call almost 24/7.  That’s the underlying challenge in the WAHM lifestyle.  But if you are always juggling at home, your family deserves time with you when you truly are not.  So power down and walk away…you’ll never regret taking a much needed break. Tell me…

How do you make sure that your vacation isn’t a juggle and is only good fun?

The WAHM Summer Juggle series is full of all kinds of insights about the key issues so many busy Moms are dealing with this summer and I am first in line for needing all the help I can get! I hope you find it as useful as I do and know that the only thing that truly matters is finding the right solution for you. Because I’m just as normal as the next busy Mom, I’m always looking for new ideas to keep me organized and on time and these days I’m finding Pinterest is often my first stop. Check out our Time Management Pinterest Board for some of my favorite pins from around the web.  Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!



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