The Magic, The Memories, and You!

I love Cinderalla’s Castle. Not because I grew up loving Cinderalla ~ although she’s the bomb ~ but because of what it stands for to me. The anchor of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, Cinderalla’s Castle is the heart of all that magic. Its your first destination as you travel down Main Street, the perfect picture spot from any angle. Its your universal meeting spot all day long because its where Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, and Frontierland all come together.

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And its the perfect spot to end your magical day. With a bit of strategy that is equal parts timing and just good luck, you can grab real estate on the curb just in front Walt Disney’s statue and beautiful garden to have a front row seat for the Main Street Electric Light Parade, “The Magic, the Memories, and You!” show, and wrap things up with unbelievable Fireworks.  And as if all of this wasn’t enough, if the weather is just right and you are paying attention, you just might see my favorite fairy of them all, Tinkerbell, flying by in the magical night sky!

Permission to Post by Disney Social Media Moms

But here’s the thing. No matter how many meltdowns your toddler may have had, how long you may have waited to see your daughter’s favorite princess, how many times you rode Space Mountain in a row to break your family’s latest world record, or how sweaty, sticky, and tired you are, when you are seated at the base of Cinderalla’s Castle, magic lives in everything you can see and touch. This is where your memories take over your heart. This is where your children sink into your arms in awe and unspoken gratitude shown by their tired snuggling and tender joy. This is where you know that you know that you know it was worth every minute and will forever and always be again.

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“The Magic, The Memories, and You!” debuted last year and  this week, on Friday, May 25th, the wildly popular Phineas and Ferb will take their place on the castle walls as part of a brand new summer show ~ think equal parts beach, jungle, and the sea with Disney characters and music. Blessed to have seen the current version, the true brilliance in this show rests in how it incorporates an estimated 500 photos taken that very day into the evening’s display. With Disney’s own animation as the story, before your eyes, you will see park guests woven into each chapter and I promise you, its captivating! Suddenly the show is somehow interactive because once your realize those are pictures of actual guests on the castle, you can’t help but watch every second just in case your family is included.

Last month I was honored to return to the unbelievably wonderful 2012 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. While there, I was blessed to spend an extra day on Sunday that was strictly family time and dedicated 100% to every inch of the Magic Kingdom. While hot and sweaty, tired and amazed, I captured a few videos of “The Magic, The Memories, and You!” for our personal keepsake collection. When I saw that there would be a new show themed just for summer, I couldn’t help but share one of them here. I so hope you enjoy it as much as I have every time I’ve replayed it. (which *might* be almost every day since I’ve been home!) I was swept into the moment and if you listen closely, you’ll hear my heart.

Clearly I’m smitten with the Magic Kingdom and its evening events. Tell me…what do you love about Walt Disney World at night?

Disclosure: special thanks to Disney Social Media Moms for inviting me to register for this event. As part of my paid registration, I received for myself and my family discounted hotel accommodations, park tickets, attendance to special events, and branded merchandise. I was not asked to post at any time. As a WDW College Program Alum and lifelong fan of the brand, I can’t help but share every bit. My opinions are clearly my own.

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