The Disney Promise 2011 Disney Social Media Moms

As the President of Walt Disney World Resort, Meg Crofton has a huge job.  I can only imagine the complexity of the multiple business units and their operations that she overseas on a daily basis.  She has an army of leaders serving key roles making her executive umbrella possible, each of them equally committed in the pursuit of excellence that makes Walt Disney World what it is today.  To kick off the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, Ms. Crofton greeted us and shared some fun facts about what happens behind the scenes, making sure you feel the magic while you focus on your vacation and let the memories begin.

1.  Resort laundry processes 300,000 pounds of linens and towels daily.  At home, it would take you 27 years and 2 loads every day to finish what they do in one day.
2.  There are 470 places to eat a meal, a snack, or buy a refreshment. This means you can eat 3 times daily from March to August and never repeat your location once.
3.  Walt Disney World Resort bus transp0ration drives 20 million miles yearly!
4.  There are more than 35,000 items sold in Walt Disney World Resort.  If you shop every day for one year, buying 95 items a day, you could purchase it all.

So who will make all of that happen for you as a guest?  Walt Disney World Resort employs more than 62,000 cast members making it the largest single site employer in the United States.  The foundation of this company’s success is the people who make your experience memorable, either in person or behind the scenes.  Its the College Program kids from across the country bringing fresh enthusiasm and innovation to their every day jobs and the kindness of the senior staffers greeting one and all with a patient and gracious manner often lost in our over stimulated technology ways.  Its the cast members like Ms. Crofton who have been with the company for decades, but maybe always behind the scenes in landscaping, janitorial services, or maintenance, but all still believing in that same Disney Promise ~ that Cast Members turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, making dreams come true every day.

So while we learned about social media and how to use it well in our roles as video bloggers, bloggers, and social media moms, if we follow the Disney Promise, we’ll be more successful than we had ever dreamed.  From business partners to customers, employees to family and friends, Disney challenges me to live a life of extraordinary experience no matter how ordinary the task may be.  As a Walt Disney World College Program Intern, my compass was set early on to look to Disney for best practices.  Its amazing how this practice by keeping that simple promise to choose to be my best can have such a memorable impact on everyone I meet.  Now…

What is your promise?

Three more VERY special highlights of this day include learning from Matt Jacobson, Market Development, Facebook, talking to Andrea Deckard after she learned she had just won a nights stay in Cinderella’s Castle, and  enjoying the magical performance of Susan Egan, the very first Belle on Broadways’ Beauty and the Beast.

Disclaimer: Included in my paid registration for The Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, I received for myself and my family discounted accommodations, part tickets, meals, and attendance to special events. I was not asked to share my experience and my opinions are entirely my own. I am a proud alumni of The Walt Disney World College Program and consider this company the standard for excellence. I am honored to have an opportunity to share their pixie dust with you now. Thanks for indulging my lifelong love affair with a brand that promises to wow you at every turn.

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