Thank you from GO MOM!

Thank you from GO MOM! | gomominc.com

Happy Holidays!

We are officially in the Thanksgiving zone and as we turn the corner on this long weekend, before we get a minute further into the break that I hope we are all blessed to take, I want to say  THANK YOU so very much for being here with me!!!

What started 15 years ago as an idea for a planner for Moms has grown into so much more than I could have ever imagined. From licensing our planner and seeing it in Target stores to working with network media and serving as a brand spokesperson, its been can incredible journey!  That I have the most brilliant insightful colleagues as a result is as well,  without a doubt, all because of you.

You being here is why I am so inspired to create new posts and I promise video again in 2016. It’s why I’m so passionate to share solutions I discover on my own or find and simply can’t imagine how I lived without it before. And it’s why I’m so humbled that GO MOM!® is your resource of choice for all things organized (or not) as you plow through those oh so busy days and seasons, doing the best you can to Outsmart the Chaos.

I can’t imagine my world without GO MOM!®, without all the lessons I’ve learned along the way because its given me the chance to connect, learn, and share my way through my life as a Mom.

I’ve said from the start that motherhood is a journey full of seasons. During this season of gratitude I can’t imagine not making sure you know how much I am grateful for this community and YOU!

Wishing you a blessed and hopeful Thanksgiving with those you love!


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