Thank You BlogHer 2011

Well that’s it.  Another BlogHer has come and gone and I find myself on a long flight home with time to write.  How fitting given social media is all about expression and engagement, listening and responding, provoking thought and inciting change.  Today I begin by saying thank you.

Thank you to The Stow Company for sponsoring me to attend and experience arguably the most promising brand building opportunity of the social media year.  For the first time I shared a joint business card, carried the shared message of organized living, and offered organized heaven thanks to a well timed garage makeover easy to enter and off the hook to win.  I learned so much about myself through this process and am honored to have been given such a gift and opportunity.

Thank you to The Talbots Company for sponsoring my conference wardrobe.  I could not have loved my ensemble more, finding each outfit exactly what I needed for every occasion.  My daily pictures proved a great conversation starter for the fashionistas in the crowd.  I have adored Talbots for more than 20 years and will continue shop there for many more to come.

Thank you to Tiny Prints for providing me with the perfect business card.  In both design and function, it was a conversation starter inviting you to Tweet Me and Meet Me including a nifty little QR code.  That one simple step took me to the big kids table, enabling fellow social media infuencers, public relations and brand professionals the ability to simply scan my card and go stragith to my about page.  Hello technology, its nice to meet you.

Thank you to Procter & Gamble for bookending my BlogHer interacting with your products, talented staff, and delightful public relations teams.  Vicks was a perfect start, truly a drop your bags and join us kind of night setting the tone for a relaxed backdrop where business can occur.  Life Well Lived covered every base integrating Gretchen Rubin’s message of happiness with pampering, fun, and an educational dose of brand education sprinkled throughout.  Always top notch and customer centric, it was a true delight.

Thank you to every BlogHer sponsor, speaker, staff member and volunteer,  to the San Diego Marriott Marina and the simply wonderful city of San Diego, California.  I arrived with my head held high, newly re-launched website,  logo, and blog name in hand.  I did not carry that same focus, confidence, and familiarity for my first BlogHer in 2010.  I arrived full of promise that I would move my business forward.  I arrived full of hope that I would make the most of my opportunities.  I arrived full of joy that I would bask in the presence of my brilliant, talented, compassionate, funny, and faithful friends.

I leave full of love for the life that I am living.

Disclosure:  My experience at BlogHer was sponsored in various ways by The Stow Company, The Talbots Company, and Tiny Prints.  My experiences at official BlogHer and/or Procter & Gamble branded special events included meals and sample products specific to brands featured.  My decision to share about my experience and my opinions are entirely my own.

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  • Laura @MOMables August 9, 2011, 3:18 pm

    Molly, so great to see you at the airport! Your wardrobe looked awesome! I’m definitely going to look into Talbots post baby! thank you for your organizing tips!

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