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Team Moms

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Team Moms are a busy bunch and when it comes to the team snack, knowing when you need to bring it and what to bring is king.  If you have volunteered to be the Team Mom, our Team Mom Tips Pinterest Board has all kinds of ideas to help you stay organized.  You will also find some wonderful forms just for you in our GO MOM!® DIY Planner, including Organized Sports, Organized Team Mom, Organized Directions, and more.

As the Spring sports season gets underway, if you aren’t serving as the Team Mom, hopefully the Mom who is has sent out a schedule that informs everyone when it’s their turn to bring snack. But here is the hitch ~ snack isn’t supposed to be a meal ~ its called snack for a reason. So as I pack up and get ready to go for this evening’s sporting event, here are few tips to help you when its your turn to bring the team snack:

Allergies and Medical Conditions

We all are familiar with the uprise in nut allergies. Something I learned last season with my daughter is you also may have a team mate with a medical condition like Diabetes. While Team Moms might not be at liberty to share personal information, it is important to be aware of any medical condition and make sure the right guidelines are in place for everyone.  If you do have a child with Diabetes, its the sugar count in the snack that is really going to matter. So make sure to ask before you gather up your snack items.

Fresh and Cold

Team Moms who bring fresh fruit are the bomb!  Its SO easy to make individual size bags of grapes and freeze them or buy just the right size apple or orange. Also think about water soluable fruits that will make a big difference in cooling your child down. That’s where the cold comes into play. The research does show that the colder the water, the more quickly the body cools down so if you are in a warm climate or your child gets overheated, this is the key. The colder the better so snack and beverage ~ both cold and fresh.

Beverage Choices

Team Moms know it’s all about water. Its really that simple. If you go with power drinks which do have their place, think about watering them down significantly with both ice and additional water so they get just the right dose of the real item that will make that difference…the water.

Right Size Me

Notice this is just a 12 ounce bottle. Rare is the child who will actually down the entire bottle of water right while you are standing there so offer them a size that will suit their needs. Look at snack size graham crackers or if you want to offer granola bars, you can find small ones that are also high fructose corn syrup free.

Snacks and Siblings

Team Moms make it a point to know the policy ahead of time. Some teams are all about the sibling snack and some teams aren’t and you’ll find as your children grow this won’t be as much as an issue. If you have little ones they likely have little siblings in tow so are bringing a whole lot more snack when it comes your turn. That’s when the ace in your back pocket can be the all time favorite popsicle goes a very long way. No one will expect it, everyone loves them, they are refreshing and you will likely be able to cover all your bases with allergies, medical conditions, and cover fresh and cold as close as you can muster.

I hope these tips help you the next time it’s your turn to bring snack and tell me…

What kinds of things do you like to pack when its your turn to bring snack?

Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!

Disclosure: I have no relationship with any of the products shown in this clip. They are just items we choose from in our own pantry and fridge when its our turn to load up the cooler and go.

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