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Knowing how to stay in touch and making sure to have effective parent communication is one of the most important things a Team Mom can do well.

Today for our Team Mom Tips we are talking about parent communication.  Knowing how to stay in touch with players and parents is king and making sure to have effective communication is one of the most important things a Team Mom can do well. Why? Because everyone has a job, everyone has to be somewhere at a certain time, and everyone has to contribute so it all falls on someone to get the information out. And that would be you ~ the Team Mom. You are the hub for disseminating the information about where and when people need to be, and what they need to do. Here are my tips for communicating with players and parents.

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1. Meet with the Coach to determine how he or she would like to communicate.

Some coaches would like to be the point of parent communication. That doesn’t mean that they are timely or do this well, but they may prefer to do this directly. If that is the case, your job as the Team Mom is to chase behind it and add in any issuing details; or run in front of it to prompt the coach to get information out adhering to certain timing constraints. The other option is to assign team communication from the coach through the Team Mom. This goes well but means you need to be available to respond short notice or long notice. Put in some time frames to help the process along so you can extract information from the coach to share in a timely fashion with players and parents.

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2. Poll parents to find out their preferred method of ongoing communication.

When it comes to parent communication, it’s best to find out how people like to stay in touch. Do they prefer email or text? Both can work very well. When it comes to high school sports, coaches can send group text to players and that can make it very tricky to make sure both players and parents know what’s going on. Find out from your fellow parents what will work best, and then announce to them what method of communication they should expect.

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3. Check out the league website for key information.

The kind of sports your child is playing will determine if there is a website for you to refer to and if its a good resource. From rec league to travel, high school and more, centralized information on a dedicated website can vary widely in its value to your specific team. A league website may be a great place for parent communication if it enables you to send information out directly from the site through a team page. Or it can be a wonderful resource for you to gather information and point people towards the site for key items. You can also use this as a calendar function that could be easily imported into a Google Calendar for everyone to access. Again, this doesn’t have to be digitally amazing. It just needs to be effective for the people involved on the team at hand. Your job is to find out how they want to get information and get it to them as efficiently as possible.

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4. Organize parent volunteers with a scheduling tool like Sign Up Genius.

Parent communication that leverages a scheduling tool is magic for literally everything from setting up a carpool, to away games, to coordinating snacks,to fundraising shifts, and setting up schedules for concessions duty. Sign Up Genius is the easiest way I know to show parents what the team options and needs are and put the decision directly in their hands as to when they take their turn. I don’t have a relationship with Sign Up Genius, I’ve just found it incredibly effective in my varying roles as a Team Mom, Room Mom, PTA Mom, and in general any kind of volunteer environment. Everybody has to take their turn and honestly ~ as the Team Mom I don’t care when you sign up ~ just sign up and get on with having a great season!

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So those are my tips to help you make your team communication run smoothly with players and parents and I’d love to know…

What are you doing to communicate smoothly with players and parents all season long?

I sure hope you are enjoying our Team Mom Tips series ~ there are so many things out there that we can’t wait to share. If you have a thing for Pinterest, be sure to check out our Team Mom Tips board where you’ll find some of our favorite finds from around the web.

I know you all have some great suggestions too so make sure to comment and thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!


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