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Team Mom Tips ~ Dress for the Weather

March means Spring and for team moms with kids playing outdoor sports, it’s time to get organized to get out and enjoy the fun.  But let’s face it ~ its still cold! There’s not a team mom around who doesn’t find herself thinking it should be warmer, because of the promise of longer days full of sunshine and fun nights spent at the ball field under the lights.

When your child’s Spring season outdoor sport starts the first week of March, its rarely warmer than the end of football season and its time to bring out the big guns to keep yourself toasty while you cheer your kids on. If you find yourself headed out to the field, check out the following list of team Mom tips to dress for the weather.

Dress for the weather and you'll enjoy the almost Spring days at the field more than ever thanks to planning ahead and being ready for anything.

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Team Mom Coats

Choose the right coat for the conditions at hand. While I’m all for bright colors, I’ll never choose fashion over function and that’s why a long down parka is my first pick every time. It not only keeps you warm but usually has an attached hood to block the wind and is long enough to cover your body to your knees. When the wind is whipping this is the best way to keep it at bay. If the forecast calls for rain make sure you have a rain coat that covers your bum and is big enough for layers underneath.

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Team Mom Footwear

Cute boots will get you nowhere on a cold sports field. Not only will your feet hurt but your toes will be freezing and once they freeze its hard to warm up before you get home. If the field is wet, but its not raining your snow boots are always a good choice. Believe me no one will question your choice, and in fact, you’re likely to get a few “I wish I would have just worn mine!” comments too. If its dry, play the fashion card but only with Uggs ~ they truly are the warmest boots you’ll every find. If its raining go for thermal socks in layers and pull out those rain boots. It’s another splash of practical fashion, and when it comes to mud they are the easiest to clean.

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Team Mom Accessories

Smart gloves that allow you to use your smartphone without taking them off are a must have. You know you are going to check texts and post a pic or two and thanks to innovative technology, you can do all of that and never take those warm gloves off again.   Depending on the start time of your game, you could find yourself warmer when you get there and in the ice cube danger zone by the time you leave.  Ear warmers and a fleece hat give you options for layers as the temperature changes. And when it comes to being comfy on the bleachers, there is nothing better than a warm blanket and a thermos full of hot chocolate or coffee to share.  Because bleachers can be damp, choose a waterproof stadium blanket that has a fleece side to wrap up in.

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Team Mom Tote Bags

A waterproof bag is where it all comes together.  Perfect for all those extra supplies like an umbrella, camera, wallet, keys, extra gloves, gum, first aid kit and who knows what else you want to bring.  The key is for the bag to be waterproof because cold often equals damp, damp equals messy, messy equals having to clean your car when you get home, and then clean off all your stuff too.  So.  There is that.

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The bottom line is being cold is only an issue if you aren’t prepared.  Dress for the weather and you’ll find you enjoy these almost Spring days at the field more than ever thanks to planning ahead and being ready for anything.  After all, that’s what team Moms do.  Tell me…

What are your best tips for team Moms to dress for the weather when it comes to late winter outdoor sports?

If you have a thing for Pinterest, be sure to check out our Team Mom Tips board where you’ll find some of our favorite finds from around the web.  Raising kids who love sports is a joy and being a team Mom is part of the journey.  Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!


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