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Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas {Elementary School}

Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas ~ Elementary School

May means Teacher Appreciation Week and if you are anything like me, when it comes to gifting elementary school teachers, its time to get your craft on. Because my youngest is crafty and I love an easy DIY project too, we have fun visiting Pinterest together to pin ideas for future reference. This year, she wanted to do the project entirely on her own so it was key to find a teacher appreciation gift idea that was easy but clever too. Check out what she chose and some of my other favorites from Spoonful.com that might be a perfect fit for you.

You’ve Been the Highlight of My Year!

Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas~ Elementary School

This is our top pick for this year. What I love about this fun pun craft is its totally doable by the gift giver. A rare find in the elementary school years where crafting by well meaning Moms can make even the most genuine child created gift lose it’s thunder minus any bling. Because we like to acknowledge every teacher who my daughter spends time with, its a large list of gift recipients that has to fit in a much smaller size budget. My daughter was able to set up the jars with highlighters, cut the ribbon and printable tags, sign, hole punch, and string the tags on the ribbon, and then tie the ribbon onto the jar all on her own. Let that one sink in for a minute. ALL ON HER OWN!

Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas { Elementary School} | gomominc.com

Smartie + Sharpie Mason Jars

This craft is too cute thanks to its obvious nod towards the words smart and sharp. Because kids love anything with candy, you’ll have no trouble enlisting their eager hands to help assemble by simply adding the candy to the jar, screwing on the lid, tying the bow, and clipping on the sharpie.    Super easy and something your child can easily do with little or no help ~ in my book that’s craft heaven!  We personalized these with a thank you message and my daughter’s signature by adding a construction paper circle cut out dot placed on the top of the lid to fit the natural circle the metal makes.   That way if a teacher or staff member was not present when she stopped by to share her gift, she could easily leave it on their desk to surprise them when they returned. This was a huge hit both at home and at school and I’m thrilled with how much ownership my daughter had of the total process.  It also really didn’t take us much time or incur a noticeable expense ~ that always works for me!

Magnetic Alphabet Letter Vases

Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas~ Elementary School

My friend Julie is a former teacher and has a fabulous blog that covers all kinds of things including teacher related issues and more. A few years ago she made these colorful magnetic alphabet letter vases and if my daughter were in kindergarten or first grade, this would be a perfect “do together” project incorporating magnetic letters into a simple vase with a bow and some fun flowers. Teacher appreciation gift that will last forever done!

 Creative Juices Tumbler

Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas~ Elementary School

photo credit Spoonful.com

Because I am always looking for ways that my child can be the one who actually creates the gift, this Creative Juices Tumbler caught my eye.  Stuffed with a beverage gift card, some candy and all wrapped up with a fun printable tag, this is a great gift for the end of the year too.  You could take it one step further and personalize the cup with each teacher’s name.

DIY Desk Organizer

Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas ~ Elementary School

photo credit Spoonful.com

Be still my organized heart!!! I fell in love with this simple DIY desk organizer idea for so many obvious reasons I could not help but include it for an idea that gives you the opportunity to be useful, creative, and so organized too.  While this set up is fairly rustic, you could personalize this in a million ways.  I love to use mason jars (so southern and SO affordable!) and colorful gross grain ribbon which will stand the test of time.  The addition of a vase makes what is practically organized always lovely and that I could not favor more.

Due to scheduling issues, every year our school community hosts a Teacher Appreciation Day two weeks before the official NEA Teacher Appreciation Week. Some people love that it’s just one day, others think we should celebrate for five days straight.   Either way, I am happy to say the highlighter jars were a big hit and we are searching for clever end of the year gifts to share too.  Tell me…

Do you gift your child’s elementary school teacher during Teacher Appreciation Week?

If so, what do you give?

Thanks so much for stopping by ~ we’ll see you next time!


Disclosure:  Thanks to Spoonful.com for making creative content available to share.  This is not a sponsored post.


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  • BalancingMama (Julie) May 2, 2014, 11:31 am

    Cute ideas! I like that they are all useful. No one needs an art project made from crayons! Surely teachers can’t keep all that stuff forever. We are giving her teachers some “pamper yourself this summer” gifts like peppermint soap, nail stuff, etc. Maybe a gift card too.
    –Visiting from the TypeA link-up! I’ll be back 🙂

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