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Team Mom Tips ~ Parent Communication

Today for our Team Mom Tips we are talking about parent communication.  Knowing how to stay in touch with players and parents is king and making sure to have effective communication is one of the most important things a Team Mom can do well. Why? Because everyone has a job, everyone has to be somewhere at a certain time, and everyone has to contribute so it all falls on someone to get the information out. And that >> Read More

Team Mom Tips ~ Dress for the Weather

March means Spring and for team moms with kids playing outdoor sports, it’s time to get organized to get out and enjoy the fun.  But let’s face it ~ its still cold! There’s not a team mom around who doesn’t find herself thinking it should be warmer, because of the promise of longer days full of sunshine and fun nights spent at the ball field under the lights. When your child’s Spring season outdoor sport >> Read More

Disney Sports Team Mom Tips ~ On Site Services

The world of competitive youth sports lives and dies on tournament play.  And for a busy Team Mom, there’s nothing better than a well organized tournament with on site services to make your job easier and keep your players and parents happy as well.  Some years, those can seem hard to find.  Thanks to the amazing team at ESPN Wide World of Sports, in July of 2013 I attended the Disney Sports Festival Media Event >> Read More

Disney Sports Team Mom Tips ~ Opening Celebrations

To know me is to know I love sports (especially if it involves my kids) and that I have spent a season or two serving as the Team Mom to volunteer. And if your kids play travel sports like mine have, now is the time when you are settling into your team for the year and making plans for tournaments months in advance.  Suddenly your weekends and summer are gone in a blink finding you >> Read More

Disney Sports Team Mom Tips ~ The Road To Disney

If you are a Mom of competitive athletes, you’ve probably spent a season or two volunteering as a Team Mom. And if those athletes specialize in a sport that involves travel, you are likely in the midst of setting the tournament schedule for 2014. And if your kids love Walt Disney World as much as mine do, you just might be wondering how their team might have the chance to play in a tournament at >> Read More

NFL Youth Sports Safety Roundtable

Did you see today’s story on ESPN talking about Moms and the NFL’s efforts to convince them football is safe for kids?  If your kids are athletes, sports safety is king and when it comes to educating coaches, volunteers, and parents alike, the NFL is leading the way. In June 2013, I had the incredible opportunity to join fellow influencers, sports media representatives, and youth sports leaders at the NFL offices in New York City >> Read More

Why Team Sports Matter in the Game of Life

Thanks to our firstborn, I am a baseball Mom. I spend weekends at tournaments, spend fall evenings wrapped in blankets, have bug spray, sunscreen, and Double Bubble Gum in my game bag at all times, and am handy with a spectator tent. In 12 years our oldest child has played 12 seasons of spring baseball, 6 seasons of summer baseball, and 6 seasons of fall baseball. He loves the sport, plays on his high school >> Read More

How to be a Team Mom

Today we are talking about how to be a Team Mom. There are all kinds of “Team Moms” out there. In fact these days there are quite a few “Team Parents” and lets face it, “Co-Team Parents”. We are all busy and then you are at that parents meeting when the coach gently asks if anyone would like to serve as the team parent. I know exactly what that looks like when everyone looks around, looks down >> Read More

The Team Mom and ESPN Wide World Of Sports

In  a house full of athletes, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I have a blast serving as The Team Mom.  Not every season for any one one sport or every child’s team all at one time, serving as the Team Mom is a volunteer responsibility like any other and when well managed, its both fun and rewarding. I marvel at the art of organization that creates the dance of a well played season >> Read More

Busy Moms and Spring Sports First shared in March of 2011, this post defines Spring for me as its our busiest time of the year for kids activities and all kinds of sports and fun. If your flowers aren’t blooming and the weather has you sure Spring has not arrived, just remember that nothing says Spring like Major League Baseball Opening Day! I love this day because of all it promises me. It means that longer days full of >> Read More