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Summer Learning

If you ask your child, the words summer learning might not seem like words that should be in the same sentence.  After all,  summer is supposed to be endless fun, no pressure, and all kinds of time to do just what you want to do.  But with 4th of July having just past, its time to get back to the books in the gentlest of ways and Moms are looking for ways to sneak in >> Read More

Organizing Files in Your Home Office

With Memorial Day Weekend just ahead, I am always tempted to see a long holiday weekend as a great chance to tackle big projects.  Ours usually include yard work and entertaining but on the off chance you’ll find yourself inside, you just might want to think about organizing files in your home office before the summer is in full swing.  For most busy Moms, summer work schedules challenge our flexibility and if you happen to >> Read More

Summer Camp Plan B

For parents of younger children who have wrapped up their preschool year, Memorial Day Weekend might be your family’s official kick off to a fun filled summer.  But for some Moms this means even more to juggle as you navigate short term childcare solutions peppered with special activities and camps.  This week I’m delighted to be featured on Primrose Schools Dr. Z and Friends Blog sharing my tips for how find Summer Camp solutions when its >> Read More

Organized Business Cards

In the social media world, its conference season and that means if I’m networking successfully, I’m collecting business cards and lots of them.  When it comes to actually keeping business cards organized, its always tempting to simply leave them in a stack until I can follow up with each person one at a time.  But we both know that never works out.  Left too long you forget why you talked to that person in the >> Read More

How to Garden with Children

Today I’m excited to be featured on Primrose Schools Dr. Z and Friends Blog sharing my tips for how to garden with your children.  An excerpt from the post…. Give them space. Growing up, my mom always gave me my own section of the garden to work with. Each spring she would take me out to buy plants that were pretty much fail proof. Think petunias, portulaca and other flowers that are durable and non-toxic. Those >> Read More

Organizing Email at Work and Home

Ask any busy Mom, working or not, and you’ll often her her say organizing email is a chore to be despised. Email has become a lifeline, replacing in person conversations with teachers and friends, becoming a way to navigate issues that would have days gone by been managed in meetings, all in the name of saving everyone time. But in doing so we create a new category of information that needs to be kept in >> Read More

Bedroom Organizing with Children in Mind

Its the first day of Spring if you haven’t already, its time to get out that Spring Cleaning Checklist and get started!  One thing that ranks high on my list is bedroom organizing and it always begins with our children first.  I’m excited to be featured on Primrose Schools Dr. Z and Friends Blog sharing my tips for where to begin when it comes to this part of your organized home.  An excerpt from the post… >> Read More

How to be Healthy with Family Fitness

Looking for some fresh ideas family fitness tips?  It all begins with making time for you and today I’m sharing a post from my 2012 Partnership with Primrose Schools on the brand new 360 Parenting Blog.  If you are a parent of young children juggling a busy working schedule with daycare, preschool, and more, check out our 2012 contributor series with Primrose Schools full of busy Mom insights designed just for you! Even though winter is >> Read More

How to Build Your Brand Beyond Your Blog If you have a blog then you are in business. You might not realize it now, you might not even care about it now. But one day, once you start to see the true value in your words beyond the personal gratification it brings you, you will want to capitalize on what you’ve built and build your brand beyond the blog. Molly Gold speaks with Dori DeCarlo and Kim-Marie at She Streams 2011 >> Read More

How to Plan Live Media Events Planning a live social media event all begins with Meeting Planning 101. You have to master the basics before you bring in the media elements and when done well, you can expand your market in ways that will make a difference for your brand. Molly Gold speaks with Janice Croze at She Streams 2011 >> Read More