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How to Juggle Holiday Guests and Kids Schedules

As much as I love a house full of family and friends for the holidays, when it comes to holiday guests and kids schedules, its a delicate dance to keep everyone happy and my holiday activities on track.  With Thanksgiving week upon us, its all about the juggle. With kids out of school early and the added stimulation of holiday guests in the house as you continue to prepare for a wonderful family meal, just >> Read More

Tips for a Holiday Family Photo Shoot

The holidays are a great time to plan a family photo shoot.  Even though you are busy, the mood is festive, the decor is magical, and everywhere you look there are reasons for joy.  Most of us will have nice outfits on hand for seasonal celebrations, fresh hair cuts in time for all that socializing, and fitting in a photo shoot can be a great way to kill two birds with one stone.  If your >> Read More

How To Manage Halloween Schedules

  Its Halloween week and that means Halloween schedules that can wreak havoc on your goal for everyone to have fun. Part of my ongoing series on the Primrose Schools Dr. Z and Friends blog, today we are offering tips on how to handle those Halloween schedules. Always fun but sometimes tricky, if Halloween falls on any other night than Friday or Saturday, its a juggle managing the anticipation and all the other activities your >> Read More

What I Learned {about work} on Summer Vacation

Working at home through summer vacation is hard. No matter what you do, how much support you have, how many camps and programs you can afford, or how flexible you might be, its hard to have your people home. Even when they are 18, can drive, are taller than you, and in so many ways both independent and self sufficient. This summer was even more unique as I spent most of it in a cast >> Read More

Your Business Idea and How to Apply for the Huggies MomInspired Grant TODAY!

Are you a busy Mom with a fabulous business idea all thanks to your little ones keeping you on your toes and solving every day problems? Do you have a business plan (you know they only need to be one page right?) and some solid thoughts about how you can make it happen?  If so, the Huggies® MomInspired® Grant Program has your name all over it!  Four million babies are born each year and more >> Read More

Parent Teacher Communication

    Adjusting to a new classroom and teacher can be a challenge every year…and not just for your kids.  Organized parent teacher communication can play a huge role in your child’s classroom success because when you connect with the teacher, you create a team that has nothing but your child’s best interests at heart.  This week, I’m delighted to be featured on Primrose Schools Dr. Z and Friends Blog sharing tips for organized parent teacher communication.   >> Read More

How to Organize Playdates

    Making new friends can be both exciting and full of anticipation…and I’m not just talking about how this can impact your children.  The start of a new school year is full of new social interaction for parents and children alike, making for plenty of fun when scheduled well.  This week, I’m delighted to be featured on Primrose Schools Dr. Z and Friends Blog sharing tips for how to navigate playdates with an organized eye.   >> Read More

Back to School Checklist for Parents

I love back to school season!  While I always miss my children when they go back to school each fall, I love the excitement and anticipation the new year can bring.  What I don’t love is realizing how much work it might mean for me.  Let’s face it, the start of a new school year means adjustments for the entire family and it often starts with you.  This week, I’m delighted to be featured on Primrose >> Read More

Packing Tips for Social Media Conferences

Its the Saturday before BlogHer and because I like to get ready early, I’m packing now so I can leave room for the usual last minute chaos that busy Moms face when they travel for work.  When it comes to packing tips for social media conferences, I’ve found they are a smidge different than packing for vacation.  BlogHer 2012 will be a 5 day trip for me so I’ll use our GO MOM! DIY Planner >> Read More

How to Make Organized Conference Calls

              Summer work schedules are nothing if not fluid as busy Moms juggle kids in the house and the need to have meetings. I find that to maximize my time at home, having virtual meetings can make all the difference.  This means my conference calls are frequent and therefore its imperative they be well organized and efficient.  If this sounds like you, check out my guest post on Dr. Mommy and >> Read More