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Valentine’s Day

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Mom

Raise your hand if you have mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day.  No not mixed feelings about your spouse ~ I can’t organize that from any angle.  To be more specific, mixed feelings about the gifts you give and receive on Valentine’s Day. Now make no mistake, I love gifts that sparkle as much as the next girl, but when your birthstone is a diamond, there is a time and place for all things bling and yearly >> Read More

Unexpected Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s Day

  Valentine’s Week has arrived and its time to prove your love.  No matter how long you’ve been together, Valentine’s Day is all about showing your partner that he is a priority to you, that you care about what’s important to him, and that yes, you still love him after all these years.  The thing is, sometimes you have to take a rain check and celebrate Valentine’s Day at a different time.  For most of >> Read More

Valentine Party Ideas for Room Moms

If you are an elementary school room mom, right about now you may find yourself scrambling for Valentine party ideas.  Volunteering is almost always more work than we anticipate and I’ll be the first to give you a fist bump for saying yes to serving as the room mom either on your own or by default. But please don’t ever feel bad if you find yourself behind the “not nearly ready to have the party” eight ball >> Read More

Room Mom Valentine Party Ideas with Conversation Hearts

    Nothing says Valentine’s Day like old fashioned Conversation Hearts. But lets be honest, I’ve never found them all that enticing to eat but oh how they beg to be put to good use. If you are a room mom planning a class party for tweens, using this classic candy as your theme makes for all kinds of playful fun. Check out these great ideas for games and crafts your tweens will love thanks >> Read More

Valentine’s Day Classroom Treats for Tweens

Finding Valentine’s Day classroom treats for tweens is tricky business. As a room Mom, I’m still thinking all things creative, cute and delicious right? But not when it comes to tweens. Equal parts somewhat awkward as they try to act older yet still wanting to be little in so many ways, suddenly the room Mom walks a fine line between gross and cool risking lifelong embarrassment if you make the wrong call. And lets be >> Read More

Love Your Home Twitter Party with EasyClosets

Be honest ~ wouldn’t you just love an organized house for Valentine’s Day? I’m SO excited to join the amazing team from and my friend Amy at for a fun Twitter Party full of ideas for how you can love your home all year long! When Wednesday, February 13th from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. ET Where #EasyClosets on Twitter How To participate, use the party tag during the party hour and follow sponsor @EasyClosets >> Read More

How to Make Kids Valentine Cards {Giveaway}

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with kids could not be more fun!  Full of innocence and joy, the memories I have making kids Valentine cards with my family are some of my fondest.  A room Mom for years, one of my favorite Valentine’s classroom crafts has to be a pre-school project that had the kids make mail trucks to hold their Valentines.  And this year I can’t wait to try my hand at making chocolate dipped decorated >> Read More

How to Organize Jewelry

I love jewelry!  For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an eye for things that sparkle.  And while I have only a few pieces with any monetary value, such as my wedding ring and a pair of diamond earrings, I have never met a piece of classic jewelry I didn’t love. For some reason, rings are my favorite piece of jewelry.  As a child I remember noticing the many rings my Aunt always >> Read More

How to Throw A Man Party for Valentine’s Day

Today I’m delighted to spend some time in the Blog Frog Community talking about how to host events at home when there’s a big game you just don’t want to miss. Having just enjoyed hosting for family and friends for Super Bowl, I think Valentine’s Day is a great time to shift gears and focus on our guys. It’s Valentine’s Day and I find myself wondering what’s the best gift I can give my husband >> Read More

How Busy Moms Have A Great Valentine’s Day Sharing a post from 2011 ~ it’s amazing to me how much I need to hear these bits of wisdom just as much as the next busy Mom in carpool or at the game.  I hope you take a minute to watch and make time for what matters most in your relationship this year ~ enjoy! This week I’d like to talk with you about how to have a great Valentine’s Day that just >> Read More