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Packing for College ~ Personal Care with Gillette

If you are the Mom of a college student, it’s “go time” for packing for college! While you may have most of the dorm room needs taken care of by now, it’s likely the personal items that need tending too, your student having plenty of opinions about what products they prefer. And oddly, I find myself filling the ultimate over prepared Mom shoes, wanting to send everything AND the kitchen sink to make sure my son never runs out anything >> Read More

How to Pack a Suitcase Know how to pack a suitcase can make all the difference in an organized trip.  No matter if you are traveling alone or with your family, thinking ahead to keep your belongings organized just makes good sense.  Check out my tips for how to pack a suitcase with a strategy that will keep your hotel room from falling into total chaos: 1.  Tag each suitcase.  Make sure every suitcase has an identification tag.  Not >> Read More