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The WAHM Summer Juggle ~ Work and Vacation

Work and vacation can have a very hard time getting along.  Ironic that we work all year long to make sure we can afford to take that time off and when the chance finally arrives, its so hard for us to truly walk away.  Today we are talking about the summer juggle when it comes to work and vacation. Hopefully this summer includes some time off for you. Time where you don’t have anything you Read more

The WAHM Summer Juggle ~ Time Saving Tips for Every Day

Today I’m sharing just a few time saving tips that I’ve discovered are really working for me when it comes to the Summer Juggle. When you work at home and you have the kids home its crazy because you never know exactly what might happened when it comes to wanting to indulge in that spur of the moment fun and be impulsive but knowing that you have a task list of things that you truly Read more

The WAHM Summer Juggle ~ Family Meals

  Today we are talking about family meals and the WAHM Summer Juggle.  I don’t know about you, but the last thing that I want to do is cook inside or out on the grill when its way too hot. If I happen to be out with the kids for activities or sports, its so easy, WAY to easy, to say “Let’s just hit the drive through and grab something on the way home.” Here Read more

The WAHM Summer Juggle ~ Balancing Work

Today we are talking about the WAHM summer juggle and how to balance work at home. For every working Mom I know who spends any time at all trying to make that juggle happen just as seamlessly as she might be able to do from her office, Summer is that big moment where the rubber meets the road as to whether or not you are really tuned into how that actually work out well. Over Read more

Senior Year Tips ~ Your Calendar and Graduation

Today we are talking senior year tips for high school graduation and your calendar. Every busy Mom knows that when you get to May and June depending on the school year, you are overrun with can’t miss dates. From the end of the season, competition play offs, to the end of the school year picnic, to exams ~ you name it, our calendars are basically in lock down. And when it comes to your child’s Read more

Get Organized in December {Your Planner}

December means holidays but for a busy Mom, its always time to plan ahead and today we are talking about How to Get Organized in December for the New Year.  This is the first in a 4 part series and today, its as simple as this ~ your planner. Before you buy one, you need to know how to choose the right planner for you so you will end up with a tool that truly works for you.  Once Read more

Get Organized with Daylight Savings

  Fall Daylight Savings is not my friend.  I gotta be honest, I dread this day ~ I truly do!  Yes I love that Daylight Savings means we are just a few short weeks away from the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years trifecta of festive fun.  But I struggle mightily with the shorter days and lack of sunshine.  I NEED my sunshine.  So like all things, I take it in stages, working hard to keep Read more

How To Manage Halloween Schedules

  Its Halloween week and that means Halloween schedules that can wreak havoc on your goal for everyone to have fun. Part of my ongoing series on the Primrose Schools Dr. Z and Friends blog, today we are offering tips on how to handle those Halloween schedules. Always fun but sometimes tricky, if Halloween falls on any other night than Friday or Saturday, its a juggle managing the anticipation and all the other activities your Read more

Ways To Save Time in the Morning

Special thanks to TapInfluence and Vaseline® for engaging me for this sponsored post. All opinions are my own. I’m always looking for ways to save time. As a family time management and home organization expert, maxing productivity for busy Moms is what I do. But when it comes to summer beauty, I am often tempted to cut things out in order to save time that ultimately can have a negative effect. For example, I apply Read more

Unexpected Airport Amenities

This week I’ll be traveling to BlogHer 2012 where I’ll join almost 5000 women looking to hone their graft, grow their business, and spend time with their friends.  I’ll be flying and based on how things usually go, I don’t expect any issues at all.  Just last week, I was actually delayed by three hours at my home town airport, RDU International. This hardly ever happens here, so when it comes to travel, I LOVE Read more