Why I Need to Take Time for Me

At the beginning of this year, I added a new and wonderful role to my work, designing home organization solutions here in the Raleigh area.  I LOVE what I do but can I just tell you something? I had no idea how bad I’d be about taking care of me! Like oh my word are you kidding me bad at taking care of me! Moms know that life comes at you fast and from the moment Read more

New Year’s Resolutions That Count #DeedADay

It’s time to talk New Year’s Resolutions. After all it is December 31st, y’all!  But…I’m not here to tell you how to make those organized resolutions and then offer you a fool proof solution for how not to break them. (Hint ~ it takes 21 days to form a habit and stick with it ~ just sayin!)  I’m not hear to tell you how to make this your most organized year yet. (Hint ~ you can Read more

Manage Your Time with a #DIY Planner

Today it’s all about time. Yes time ~ that four letter word because when you can’t find it you are desperate for ways to create that 25th hour. And when you have more than enough of it you couldn’t be happier. GO MOM!® was founded on the concept of the GO MOM!® Planner and today, our #DIY planner in its downloadable PDF format is as streamlined and time focused as it can be. Let me Read more

How to Make a #DIY Holiday Planner

Now that November is in full swing its time to talk all things holidays and it all starts with the #DIY Holiday Bundle by GO MOM!®. Call me biased but after 15 years of making planners, I truly believe this is the ultimate holiday organizing tool to help you stay organized and on track so you can stay focused on enjoying the reason for your season, whatever that may be. So let’s check it out! And Read more

Family Command Center for Summer

A family command center for summer is key for an organized transition from the routines of school to the freedom of summer.  Thanks to the team at 3M, this year I’ve got some fun new products from the Home Collection by Posit-it® Brand, Scotch® Brand and Command™ Brands that will make our 2014 summer station all kinds of fresh and fun.  When it comes to centralized family calendaring, for the better part of 18 years Read more

How to Make a Home Organizing Plan

Its time to talk about how you can make a year long plan to organize your home.  WAIT!  Don’t stop reading or turn off the video below ~ stick with me for just a minute or two because this is a lot less daunting than you think.  The New Year gives you all kinds of enthusiasm and excitement that leads you to make a HUGE list of everything you want to do…and then completely bail Read more

Holiday Schedule and To Do List

Thanksgiving is over ~ are you ready for your holiday schedule and its long list of  to dos?  Today we are talking about how to Outsmart the Holiday Chaos starting with your holiday schedule and to do list.  The reality is you still have make dinner, make sure that homework gets done, make sure that the laundry, groceries, bill paying, and everything else that goes along with your daily life takes place.  Yet over about Read more

Get Organized with Daylight Savings

  Fall Daylight Savings is not my friend.  I gotta be honest, I dread this day ~ I truly do!  Yes I love that Daylight Savings means we are just a few short weeks away from the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years trifecta of festive fun.  But I struggle mightily with the shorter days and lack of sunshine.  I NEED my sunshine.  So like all things, I take it in stages, working hard to keep Read more

Ways To Save Time in the Morning

Special thanks to TapInfluence and Vaseline® for engaging me for this sponsored post. All opinions are my own. I’m always looking for ways to save time. As a family time management and home organization expert, maxing productivity for busy Moms is what I do. But when it comes to summer beauty, I am often tempted to cut things out in order to save time that ultimately can have a negative effect. For example, I apply Read more

Getting Organized for Surgery

Getting organized for surgery isn’t an every day occurrence.  And for busy Moms, while you are the first to raise you hand to help others in this situation, its a whole new ball game when its you who has to take your turn.  I’m about to have an outpatient surgery on my foot, something I’ve known is coming for quite some time and thanks to a great surgeon, I’m confident I’ll be on the move Read more