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Tide’s My Story Our Flag

  P&G is a brand that has a special place in my heart.  Long before there was motherhood or social media, there was a little girl that grew up in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio.  She danced in the Cincinnati Ballet’s Nutcracker thanks to winning a contest at Frish’s Big Boy designed to find children for the party scene.  She ate at LaRosa’s Pizza on Friday nights with her friends after school basketball games.  She >> Read More

Flag Day and U.S. Olympian Lopez Lomong

  Today is Flag Day. Did you know that? There’s an outside chance if your kids are still in school, they may participate in themed units, writing patriotic essays, holding an assembly or even having a school picnic. This makes perfect sense since the fist celebration of the U.S. Flag’s birthday was actually held on June 14, 1877 by a Wisconsin school teacher. A personal movement all his own, he publicly advocated for an official >> Read More

#TideFlag Twitter Chat Thursday May 3rd

So anyone who knows me knows that I love sports and being a busy Mom of 3 busy athletes.  Its how we roll and I am always surprised at how much I enjoy the chaos and fun.  You might also know that after living in the suburbs of Washington DC for 17 years, my love of our country, its rich history, and all the symbolism in between is part of who we are as a >> Read More

Why My American Flag Stands for Heritage

I have always loved the American flag.  Full of symbolism and beauty, it is equal parts patriotism, freedom, and fun.  As a Tide Gold Medal Blogger, I’m honored to share my story about what the colors of our flag truly mean to mean to me and you can join me and thousands of other Americans to do the same through Tide’s “My Story. Our Flag” Facebook App between now and July 2012. It all begins >> Read More

Tide Pods and Baseball Pants

http://www.youtube.com/v/4YmcF1Bk5Bk?version=3&hl=en_US Today I’m talking with you about Tide Pods. I don’t often do a video review but when it comes to detergent and all the time I spend in my laundry room, it only seems appropriate to share my thoughts. So just to give you an example of the kind of stuff I have to deal with, my son decided to wear white baseball pants on the day that his highschool coach decided to have >> Read More