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How to Give with The Stow Company The New Year is here and its time to focus on giving. With the holidays behind us, its easy to pack away your charitable giving with the ornaments and replace it with a focus on cutting corners to give your budget some breathing room. But not this year. My first project of the year will set my compass on social good like none other and I hope you will join me in the journey >> Read More

Spaces to Organize for the Holidays Now Its time to talk the “H” word.  Everyone is saying it ~ I even heard the clerks at Target have a countdown clock. Of course for them its counting down to when the “H” season, and the insanity, is over.  Yes…its true, I’m talking HOLIDAYS!   I know you are thinking “Come on Molly!  Its the last day of September ~ we’ve got plenty of time.”  Not so fast sister!  From October 1 to >> Read More

How to Keep Your Hotel Room Organized I am a tidy roommate.  Ask my husband and he’ll tell you its not about crazy clean but its definitely about keeping things in order so we can keep up with our busy lives.  This means a place for everything and everything in its place.  When it comes to travel, I’m not much different.  I make my hotel bed in the morning, I place all my business materials at the desk, keep things inside >> Read More

3 Organizing Tips to Jumpstart Your Fall Once the kids are back to school, everyone seems eager to welcome Fall.  With the official first day just around the corner, cooler temps in Raleigh this weekend mean blue jeans and this Yankee moved south is not pleased with that on any level. So while I’m in denial, lets focus on getting organized for Fall and ways you can get a jump start so you can enjoy the best the season has to >> Read More

How to Organize Business Cards Earlier this month I was at BlogHer and like anyone there, have returned home with a stack of cards.  They can be so hard to handle on site as you meet new people, network about opportunities, and try not to lose the cards while remembering why they mattered in the first place.  I was surprised at how many cards I shared even though I had 2 to offer and even with my copious notes >> Read More

Thank You BlogHer 2011 Well that’s it.  Another BlogHer has come and gone and I find myself on a long flight home with time to write.  How fitting given social media is all about expression and engagement, listening and responding, provoking thought and inciting change.  Today I begin by saying thank you. Thank you to The Stow Company for sponsoring me to attend and experience arguably the most promising brand building opportunity of the social media year.  For >> Read More

Getting Ready for BlogHer 2011: Change is Good I’m getting ready to attend BlogHer 2011 and started thinking about how when you are preparing for a special event, your perspective can get completely skewed about what the worst thing that could happen might be. You know how it is, you are in the zone, working hard to get things ready at home while focused on putting your best foot forward to represent your brand partner and create new opportunities for your future >> Read More

Organize Your Home with The Stow Company

Summer is a fantastic time to tackle your demons and organize your  home.  While lazy days at the pool keep you calm, a well organized home  opens a world of opportunity for you to spend your days truly living  your life instead of trying to dig out of its chaos.  However one  challenge many of us face is not knowing how to maximize our space and  use product solutions that will truly work. Recently, I >> Read More

Organizing Closets for Summer with The Stow Company

Organizing closets is one of my favorite things to do and summer is a  GREAT time to tame the best, one closet at a time!  I love pulling  everything out, getting rid of what we don’t need, and then replacing  things all neat and tidy, freshly labeled, color coded, and ready to go. I know what you are thinking ~ big surprise Molly, you are a home  organization expert. And yes, its true that I >> Read More

Laundry Room Solutions

>> Read More