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Outsmart the Chaos on MomTV Today I’m so excited to share some great news with you! We’ve joined forces with MomTV to offer our first ever seasonal special, Outsmart the Chaos Holiday Edition!  I’d love for you to join us on Thursday, November 1st at 8PM EST, to talk all things holidays! Getting you ready, getting you organized, and yes there will be giveaways. I’ve got a few little treats up my sleeve. Most importantly I’m looking forward to being >> Read More

Samsung Rugby Smart Phone for Teens Today I want to talk with you about Smart Phones for Teens.  Recently I had the chance to check out the Samsung Rugby Smart by AT&T. I immediately thought who better than my teens to tell me what is cool about this.  I happen to have a phone I love and they are always like most teens looking for the next great phone out there.  So we took it out and got it all >> Read More

GO MOM! at BlogHer 2012

Its BlogHer Week 2012 and for Moms who blog, work in public relations, or are active in social media, you might have heard its a bit of a big deal. Over 4000 women, hundreds of brands, and special appearances from Martha Stewart (I PROMISE I’ll grab video), Katie Couric, Soledad O’Brien, and today a very special live video address from President Obama. Why I’m here… I’m thrilled to be here and am looking forward >> Read More

Packing Tips for Social Media Conferences

Its the Saturday before BlogHer and because I like to get ready early, I’m packing now so I can leave room for the usual last minute chaos that busy Moms face when they travel for work.  When it comes to packing tips for social media conferences, I’ve found they are a smidge different than packing for vacation.  BlogHer 2012 will be a 5 day trip for me so I’ll use our GO MOM! DIY Planner >> Read More

How to Organize your Blogher Conference Schedule Today we are talking about how to Outsmart the Chaos when it comes to your conference schedule and Blogher 2012. With BlogHer just a week away, I’m knee deep in the summer juggle, hanging in my workout clothes, managing my kids, working from home just like we all are making it happen one day at a time. But with BlogHer just a week away, its time to get organized and map out my plans >> Read More

How to Spot a Great Video Review

I was recently invited to attend the Reviewer’s Retreat at Great Wolf Lodge in Charlotte, NC. A gathering of review bloggers looking to hone their craft, I was curious to learn what serious reviewers think about the key elements needed to nail a great video review. Check out what they had to say…. So as you can see, its really that simple!  Be honest, be clear, be thorough, and be you.  I hope these insights >> Read More

How to be a Smart Shopper Today we are talking about how to be a smart shopper. With so many items needing to be replaced, taken care of, or simply readily available, Moms find themselves shopping on a regular basis. Whether its food, toiletries, or boring things like putting on new tires, the bottom line is YOU are the consumer out there making that product decision and most often the one who executes the actual purchase. Here are three tips >> Read More

Secure Passwords and Kids

As a Mom of teens, talking about online safety and secure passwords is part of our routine.  Between Facebook and texting, our children are creating a digital media footprint all their own and we feel strongly about showing them how to do it with a long term perspective that protects their privacy every step of the way.  The gateway to this conversation begins with secure passwords and here are a few tips we’ve learned along >> Read More

Thank You She Streams 2012 I’m so excited about this video because it I filmed it from my phone and loaded it to You Tube directly, something I hope to do more of in the future as I continue to attend and coordinate events onsite. Thanks to Maria Bailey and her awesome team at BSM Media for all that they did to make She Streams 2012 happen with such tremendous success!. I loved having so many great conversations, getting >> Read More

Power Moms Panel at She Streams 2012 Last month I had the honor to attend and speak at She Streams in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. A wonderful mix of social media influencers and brands focused on video blogging, podcasting, mobile, and more, I learned so much and found myself squarely rooted with colleagues who speak my language.  The brain child of the foremost expert on marketing to Moms, BSM Media CEO Maria Bailey chose well to come home to her native Florida.  The >> Read More