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Easy Craft for Swim Meet Ribbons

 Our daughter loves to swim and so far, it seems to agree with her.  Weekly swim meets lasting 3 hours or more most every Tuesday night for 2 months defines her summer and with each race, she is motivated to swim harder, go faster, and see if she could beat her best time.  Perhaps best loved are the relays she swims, part of a group of girls all working together and cheering each other on >> Read More

6 Hurricane Tips for Family Vacations

I love our North Carolina summers that include family vacations to one of our beautiful beaches. Yes, vacations is plural for a reason ~ I simply can’t get enough of the beach and am always hopeful I’ll find myself visiting more than once. Unfortunately, a North Carolina summer also includes hurricane season and when it comes to family vacations, having a few hurricane tips in your back pocket before you leave home can make all the difference if >> Read More

4th of July Weekend Getaway ~ Wilmington and Beaches, NC

The 4th of July begs for a weekend getaway and because this year it falls on a Friday, I couldn’t be more tempted to load up my family and hit the road.  Living in the suburbs of Raleigh, NC, we are within a two hour drive to some of North Carolina’s best beaches and I can honestly say there’s not a summer weekend that goes by that doesn’t tempt me to do the same.  The beach is home to me.  It’s >> Read More

8 Easy July 4th Desserts and Crafts

Easy July 4th desserts and crafts are my sweet spot.  We are blessed to have wonderful neighbors and for the better part of the last 8 years have spent every July 4th at our neighborhood pool followed by driveway sparklers and all kinds of easy fireworks fun.  Thanks to our mutually busy schedules, we never have firm plans about exactly what the day might bring until about 48 hours ahead of time.  Its either a >> Read More

The WAHM Summer Juggle ~ Work and Vacation

Work and vacation can have a very hard time getting along.  Ironic that we work all year long to make sure we can afford to take that time off and when the chance finally arrives, its so hard for us to truly walk away.  Today we are talking about the summer juggle when it comes to work and vacation. Hopefully this summer includes some time off for you. Time where you don’t have anything you >> Read More

The WAHM Summer Juggle ~ Time Saving Tips for Every Day

Today I’m sharing just a few time saving tips that I’ve discovered are really working for me when it comes to the Summer Juggle. When you work at home and you have the kids home its crazy because you never know exactly what might happened when it comes to wanting to indulge in that spur of the moment fun and be impulsive but knowing that you have a task list of things that you truly >> Read More

The WAHM Summer Juggle ~ Family Meals

  Today we are talking about family meals and the WAHM Summer Juggle.  I don’t know about you, but the last thing that I want to do is cook inside or out on the grill when its way too hot. If I happen to be out with the kids for activities or sports, its so easy, WAY to easy, to say “Let’s just hit the drive through and grab something on the way home.” Here >> Read More

The WAHM Summer Juggle ~ Household Chores

Household chores might just be the greatest WAHM summer juggle there is. I don’t know about you but I always look to the summer and think “Wow! It will be so much easier for us to get the busyness and the back end work of taking care of house done without having to keep up every weekend. Surely I’ve got 5 days with my kids home and we can get the chores done.” Except for >> Read More

The WAHM Summer Juggle ~ Balancing Work

Today we are talking about the WAHM summer juggle and how to balance work at home. For every working Mom I know who spends any time at all trying to make that juggle happen just as seamlessly as she might be able to do from her office, Summer is that big moment where the rubber meets the road as to whether or not you are really tuned into how that actually work out well. Over >> Read More

6 Tips for Summer Learning

It’s time to talk summer learning. Everywhere you turn you are bombarded with messages about how your child will suffer unless you make sure they spend the summer hitting the books. As a Mom of a new high school graduate all the way to an older elementary student, I can tell you I’ve had my fair share of summer learning worries.  But at the end of the day, summer learning is only as valuable as >> Read More