National Donut Day Deals

It’s the first Friday in June and that can only mean one thing ~ National Donut Day! While there is literally a holiday for most anything you can imagine, National Donut Day is a keeper for one simple reason ~ DONUTS! The timing for National Donut Day is perfection here in North Carolina. With the end of the school year just a week out and summer nipping at our heels, the opportunities to add donuts Read more

How to Manage Travel Sports and Summer Vacation

If you are a Mom with kids in travel sports, you probably just spent Memorial Day weekend on the sidelines cheering your player on. While families all over are starting their summer or nearing the end of the school year, your family is gearing up for a summer on the road managing packed weekends at tournaments all over the state (or beyond) and keeping the rest of your family happy too. Travel sports parents know their summer schedule Read more

Back to School Summer To-Do List

Its late July and like it or not, the back to school season has totally arrived. Clothing stores saw the beginning of back to school product placement as early as the end of June and the office supply stores have been hosting penny deals on school supply basics since mid July. While many of us may just be settling into our 2nd month of summer, plenty of Moms are already shopping and adjusting schedules to Read more

#DIY JULY ~ 5 Tips to Refresh the Deck

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to summer, we spend a ton of time outside. I love the fresh air, the warm sun, and I love to entertain. So our deck truly becomes an extension of our living space and in North Carolina, that really lasts 3 seasons long. So this summer our screened porch has been the epicenter for some very special family events and that meant it was time for Read more

Summer Weekend Getaway ~ Asheville, North Carolina

Planning a summer weekend getaway is always fun and when it comes to North Carolina, we are blessed to have fabulous options all over the state.  One town that just begs for a mid summer visit is Asheville.  I had the pleasure of visiting 3 years in a row while attending the TypeAParent Conference and with each conference, had the chance to experience a little bit more of the city.  I fell in love with its incredible Read more

5 Ways Beat the Heat with Old Fashioned Fun

As we turn the corner on late July and welcome the hottest days our summer will likely offer, its time to beat the heat with some old fashioned fun.  By now, you’ve likely used up a number of your best ideas for summer fun and you might be finding yourself stressed at the prospect of facing hotter than comfortable days with seemingly nothing “fun” today.  But before you bang you head against the wall wondering Read more

3 Tips to Get Organized During a Heat Wave

Today we are talking tips to get organized during a heat wave.  When you can’t remember the last time you stepped outside without breaking a sweat within the first five minutes, that’s your sign its time to head back inside and find something else to do. Let’s face it, even the pool get’s too hot to be refreshing and if you want to take a bath, that’s better done at home anyway. So from my organized Read more

How to Pack Your Van for an Organized Road Trip

Summer means family travel and for busy Moms that can mean you are on a road trip more weekends than not.  From travel youth sports schedules that seem to last all summer long (can I get an amen?) to impromptu weekend getaways, there are countless reasons to load up the van and go. And for some families it might just be that first magical visit to Walt Disney World that makes a road trip so important for making memories that last Read more

Swim Meet Survival Guide ~ 9 Tips for an Organized Night

There is not a swim Mom I know who doesn’t have a personal swim meet survival guide.  While we have a baseball player and tennis player in the house, we also have a competitive swimmer. Six years and counting I can promise you the experience of attending a swim meet where your child is competing is as unique as it can be.   All it takes is a few chaotic Tuesday nights before you realize there has to Read more

Summer Weekend Getaway ~ Boone, North Carolina

If it’s time to beat the heat, a summer weekend getaway to Boone, North Carolina might be just the ticket.  A hub for all kinds of outdoor activities, Boone is also full of home town charm and creativity.  One of the most walkable towns in the country, Boone is home to Appalachian State University, giving it a energy of fun and opportunity that only increases its like ability. Just under four hours from the Raleigh, North Read more