Online Safety for Kids ~ Why it’s Worth the Fight

Online safety for kids is a tough topic in our house. With four laptops, a desktop, and that new frontier where everyone has a handheld device, we are constantly navigating how to raise young adults who can actually communicate face to face, stay focused on the task at hand, and not turn to their online world before they engage in the world before their eyes.  To know me is to know I’m an “in real Read more

Cell Phone Rules for Teens and Parents

Its one thing to talk about cell phone rules for your teens.  But its an entirely different scenario to actually set them and then enforce them consistently.  And in this case, the cell phone rules you set for your teens are as important for you to follow as it is for them.  If ever there was a massive trap for the “Do as I say, not as I do.” parenting pitfall this is it. We’ve Read more

Teaching my Daughter to be Confident in Spite of Myself

You’ll notice the picture above isn’t me or my daughter.  This is simply because I don’t share pictures of my family here.  But occasionally I chose to post a conversation that involves them that I think really matters.  And when it comes to confidence, I think its an incredibly important topic as our children have so many influences to challenge their self worth. As the mom of two teenaged sons and a pre-teen daughter who are Read more

Senior Year Tips ~ How to Organize College Information

Today we are talking about how to organize college information. If you are the parent of a high school junior or senior, you are in the midst of the hunt for where your child is going to go to college. There are so many aspects of this search beginning with prepping for the ACT and SATs, taking college tours, then the application process, and making that final decision. Because I see the world with a Read more

Get Organized on Back to School Night

Not long after the first day of school, it’s time for back to school night just for parents.  A kind of meet the teacher for grown ups, these school meetings in a parents only setting give our children’s teachers the opportunity to give us scoop on what we can expect for our children in the coming year.  I’m always grateful for back to school night because it gets me in the zone, gets my calendar set Read more

Packing for College ~ How to Organize for a Downsize

Packing for college with a downsize in mind is not what most parents might think.  But moving to campus is a major life event that demands thoughtful organization. In this case involves both partnering with your student and staying focused on strategies to organize for a downsize.  Not only are you working with the logistics of packing, moving, and unpacking your student’s new life,  you are downsizing their possessions and limiting the extras in their life that Read more

Packing for College ~ Personal Care with Gillette

If you are the Mom of a college student, it’s “go time” for packing for college! While you may have most of the dorm room needs taken care of by now, it’s likely the personal items that need tending too, your student having plenty of opinions about what products they prefer. And oddly, I find myself filling the ultimate over prepared Mom shoes, wanting to send everything AND the kitchen sink to make sure my son never runs out anything Read more

Graduation Gift Ideas {High School Students}

Graduation gift ideas are harder to decide on than you think. As we prepare for our first child to graduate high school next week, I suddenly find myself completely stumped when it comes to deciding what to get him. As a child who has been so blessed through his high school years, he’s not in need of the obvious technology gifts. We considered taking a special trip just parents and graduate but decided we’d rather Read more

Senior Year Tips ~ Your Calendar and Graduation

Today we are talking senior year tips for high school graduation and your calendar. Every busy Mom knows that when you get to May and June depending on the school year, you are overrun with can’t miss dates. From the end of the season, competition play offs, to the end of the school year picnic, to exams ~ you name it, our calendars are basically in lock down. And when it comes to your child’s Read more

Senior Year Tips ~ Choosing Graduation Announcements

Today we are talking senior year tips and choosing graduation announcements.  You may know that I have a high school senior graduating in 6 short weeks so I’ve got a million and one things to do that are senior year related. And of course what do I do when I come upon a new organizational issue?  I share it with you!  I hope for many of you this series will be relevant for where you are or Read more