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Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas {Elementary School}

May means Teacher Appreciation Week and if you are anything like me, when it comes to gifting elementary school teachers, its time to get your craft on. Because my youngest is crafty and I love an easy DIY project too, we have fun visiting Pinterest together to pin ideas for future reference. This year, she wanted to do the project entirely on her own so it was key to find a teacher appreciation gift idea >> Read More

Team Mom Tips ~ Pictures and Video

This Team Mom Tip is all about pictures and video. Being part of your kids sports experience is a wonderful thing. You get to watch them grow, learn and achieve their goals – and really, this is what youth sports is all about. But you know as well as I do, that we all want to capture those pictures and videos too and that, all on its own, is a full time job. So I’ve shared some >> Read More

Disney Sports Team Mom Tips ~ Family Fun After the Game

If you are a busy Team Mom trying to decide which tournament will be the one that can offer the most not only for your players but for the families as well, all I can say is check out your options at ESPN Wide World of Sports.  When you attend a Disney Sports Tournament either hosted by Disney or one of the many organizations who partner year round, you have an awesome opportunity to visit >> Read More

Team Mom Tips ~ Parent Communication

Today for our Team Mom Tips we are talking about parent communication.  Knowing how to stay in touch with players and parents is king and making sure to have effective communication is one of the most important things a Team Mom can do well. Why? Because everyone has a job, everyone has to be somewhere at a certain time, and everyone has to contribute so it all falls on someone to get the information out. And that >> Read More

Team Mom Tips ~ Dress for the Weather

March means Spring and for team moms with kids playing outdoor sports, it’s time to get organized to get out and enjoy the fun.  But let’s face it ~ its still cold! There’s not a team mom around who doesn’t find herself thinking it should be warmer, because of the promise of longer days full of sunshine and fun nights spent at the ball field under the lights. When your child’s Spring season outdoor sport >> Read More

How to be a Team Mom

Today we are talking about how to be a Team Mom. There are all kinds of “Team Moms” out there. In fact these days there are quite a few “Team Parents” and lets face it, “Co-Team Parents”. We are all busy and then you are at that parents meeting when the coach gently asks if anyone would like to serve as the team parent. I know exactly what that looks like when everyone looks around, looks down >> Read More