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Valentine Party Ideas for Room Moms

If you are an elementary school room mom, right about now you may find yourself scrambling for Valentine party ideas.  Volunteering is almost always more work than we anticipate and I’ll be the first to give you a fist bump for saying yes to serving as the room mom either on your own or by default. But please don’t ever feel bad if you find yourself behind the “not nearly ready to have the party” eight ball Read more

Why I’m Okay with Girl Scout Cookies

For much of the country, Girl Scout cookie season is in full swing.  And if you haven’t had a scout stop by your door, you’ve likely seen them staffing booths at many of your local stores. This year I agreed to serve as my daughter’s Girl Scout troop cookie Mom.  I have absolutely no interest in total sales, increasing sales, pushing my own girl to sell, or anything along those lines.  My daughter is smitten Read more

5 Tips for an Organized School Book Fair

October means its Scholastic Book Fair time and today I’ve got some first hand tips about how you can create a truly organized and successful school event. While I always volunteer for our book fairs, I’ve spent a few of those years serving in a leadership role and have come to find out there are a few key things to keep in mind no matter if you are simply volunteering to staff set-up, preview or buy days, tear Read more

Best Team Mom Tips for Any Sport

If you have ever considered serving as a team mom in youth sports, it’s time to learn more about one of my favorite volunteer roles of all time.  Sure, it keeps you hopping as you juggle players and parents while adding in a layer of deadlines and details; but serving as the team mom is a great way to be part of your child’s youth sports experience while making a truly important contribution to the team and Read more

Team Mom Tips ~ Snack Ideas

Sports Moms are a busy bunch, and when it comes to the post game snack knowing when it’s your turn to bring food and what to bring is king.  If you aren’t serving as the Team Mom – hopefully the Mom who is has sent out a schedule that informs everyone when it’s their turn to bring snack. But here is the hitch ~ the snack isn’t supposed to be a meal ~ its called “snack” for Read more

Disney Sports Team Mom Tips ~ Tournament Hotels

One of the most important aspects of the youth sports travel tournament experience is determining where will your players and families stay. When you participate in one of the many events hosted by or held at Walt Disney World’s ESPN Wide World of Sports, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that there are a number of Walt Disney World Resort Hotels to pick from that include Disney Resort Perks that are available only to guests staying at Read more

Swim Meet Survival Guide ~ 9 Tips for an Organized Night

There is not a swim Mom I know who doesn’t have a personal swim meet survival guide.  While we have a baseball player and tennis player in the house, we also have a competitive swimmer. Six years and counting I can promise you the experience of attending a swim meet where your child is competing is as unique as it can be.   All it takes is a few chaotic Tuesday nights before you realize there has to Read more

Easy Craft for Swim Meet Ribbons

 Our daughter loves to swim and so far, it seems to agree with her.  Weekly swim meets lasting 3 hours or more most every Tuesday night for 2 months defines her summer and with each race, she is motivated to swim harder, go faster, and see if she could beat her best time.  Perhaps best loved are the relays she swims, part of a group of girls all working together and cheering each other on Read more

Disney Sports Team Mom Tips ~ Staying Fit on the Road

Staying fit on the road is a challenge for anyone who travels. But when it comes to a summer full of travel sports for your youth athlete, fitting in those daily workouts while navigating tournament logistics, venues, and countless hotel rooms is a busy team mom’s nemesis. Unless of course you are participating in a tournaments at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports.  As in all things, Walt Disney World has you covered. Thanks to a broad Read more

How to Make a Team Mom Tote Bag

No matter if you are a team mom or a busy sports mom always on the go, its time to get that team mom tote bag organized so you have what you need no matter where you are. Designed to stay in the back of your car and go in and out with a moment’s notice with everything you need. I’ve had a few years to collect a few ideas both of my own and from Read more