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How to Make an Emergency Kit

While September means all things back to school, sadly it also seems to bring some of the most devastating hurricanes all season long. And even though I live inland from the North Carolina coast, hurricanes on any part of the east coast often mean severe storms and tornadoes for outlying areas on the edges of those storms. Because I’m a girl who likes to do her research, my first and best resource for Emergency Preparedness Procedures come from FEMA >> Read More

Kids Backpacks and School Papers

Today we are talking about kids backpacks and school papers ~ how you can get through them with the best result.  Kids backpacks ~ you gotta love them! Who knows what’s in there at the end of the day right? Well the challenge for a busy Mom is you need to know what’s in there because you need to stay in touch with your child’s school, teachers, and stay on top of how your child >> Read More

Get Organized for Summer {Paperwork}

Its time to get organized for summer!  I love this time of year ~ so much excitement for the freedom that only summer can bring and a welcome change in our schedules that includes sleeping in a bit later, staying up well past dark, and doing what we want to do instead of what our schedule requires we do.  However, I can’t stand the backpacks that come home at the end of the year.  A >> Read More

Record Keeping {Family Finance Tips}

Week 3 in our February Family Finance Series is all about Record Keeping.  Part of our  year long GO MOM!® Organizing Tips Series, the focus is to help you live like you are moving.  Why? Because when you are moving, you are laser focused in making sure everything is taken care of and when it comes to family finance, we can all use a dose of detail management.  This week is about record keeping and here are my tips to make sure your >> Read More

Home Office Organizing Tips ~ Tackle the Little Things

  I can’t stand a to-do list full of little things nagging at me while I manage my days.  This week is all about how to handle those crumbs. The 4th in our series “GO MOM!® Organizing Tips” and January is all about your Home Office.  Its a year long series designed to focus on one area of your home, one process in your busy life as a Mom, our goal is to help you get >> Read More

How to Organize Receipts Welcome to Willow House Wednesday! Every week I’ll feature one Willow House product with an organized twist helping you see how you can get organized with style. My pick for this week is the Morningside Caddy. Partly because its included in the amazing September Organization Sale but mostly because its the perfect tool to help corral receipts. I don’t know about you but my kitchen counters beg to be cluttered and quite simply, that >> Read More

My Carolina Today – How to Organize Medical Bills Click here for the My Carolina Today Article >> Read More

Just in Time for the Holidays – Purge Your Piles!

Are you a piler?  You know, one of those people who promises you know where it all is, in that pile, next to the taller one, behind the one on the front corner of your kitchen desk?  Piling is a busy Mom’s easy out…believe me, I know!  Just as busy as the next Mom in carpool and with an office located right next to my kitchen, left unchecked, my piles can multiply in those spaces >> Read More