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Back to School ~ 5 Spaces to Organize Now

Depending on where you live, you may be counting down the days to a mid-August first day of school. For those in the Northeast, this won’t happen until after Labor Day. And thanks to year round school calendars for some, here in North Carolina we’ve had “back to school” banter since 4th of July. While I love that our kids don’t start until late August, I’d be lying if I said my quest for peace >> Read More

How to Organize Your Pantry with Lazy Susans

Today we are talking about how to use Lazy Susans in your pantry. I’ve had the same size pantry for 17 years. Purely a coincidence the house I lived in for seven years before this one happens to have the exact same pantry design as the home I currently have lived in for ten. Actually you’ll see that my pantry is not outfitted with a custom organization solution and it has a hard right angle >> Read More

Pantry Ideas for Back to School

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then pantry ideas for back to school are the secret to a smooth start of an organized school year.  The pantry is not only all about organized storage but its also a launching pad for life skills.  When organized well, you’ll find your personal to-do list gets shorter while your children’s independence grows and when it comes to all the daily tasks coming back into your >> Read More

How to Use Coupons to Try New Products

I LOVE to use coupons!  While I’m no pro, I have made the choice, and commitment, to make couponing a priority and found that it truly pays off.  How do I know? Because my grocery bill is getting smaller while my pantry and bathroom shelves for stocking up are getting fuller.  Here are the steps that have gotten me to this place of having my coupon groove on: 1.  I have a binder and I >> Read More

Spaces to Organize for the Holidays Now Its time to talk the “H” word.  Everyone is saying it ~ I even heard the clerks at Target have a countdown clock. Of course for them its counting down to when the “H” season, and the insanity, is over.  Yes…its true, I’m talking HOLIDAYS!   I know you are thinking “Come on Molly!  Its the last day of September ~ we’ve got plenty of time.”  Not so fast sister!  From October 1 to >> Read More

How to Organize Your Pantry

Nothing says holidays more than a house full of family and friends.  For me, that always translates to a kitchen full of food and fun and nothing makes that easier to manage than a well organized pantry.  Why?  Because I’m the kind of hostess that wants you to feel at home and that means you can navigate my kitchen just as effectively as me and if its cookies you want, then cookies we’ll have!  A >> Read More

Pantry Necessities >> Read More