Packing for College

College Move In Day Tips For Moms

If you have college aged kids, mid August means navigating College Move In Day.  If it were only about logistics, you know we’d be fine, getting the job done like the awesome Moms we are.  But it’s the part about letting go a piece of your heart that makes for all kinds of chaos, tears, extra long hugs, and yes, that edginess and silence that comes with knowing you are walking through a HUGE moment Read more

Packing for College ~ How to Organize for a Downsize

Packing for college with a downsize in mind is not what most parents might think.  But moving to campus is a major life event that demands thoughtful organization. In this case involves both partnering with your student and staying focused on strategies to organize for a downsize.  Not only are you working with the logistics of packing, moving, and unpacking your student’s new life,  you are downsizing their possessions and limiting the extras in their life that Read more

Packing for College ~ Personal Care with Gillette

If you are the Mom of a college student, it’s “go time” for packing for college! While you may have most of the dorm room needs taken care of by now, it’s likely the personal items that need tending too, your student having plenty of opinions about what products they prefer. And oddly, I find myself filling the ultimate over prepared Mom shoes, wanting to send everything AND the kitchen sink to make sure my son never runs out anything Read more