Organized Home Office

Home Office Organizing Tips for January

Home office organizing tips are plentiful this time of year and for good reason. An organized home office makes it easy to manage your family’s busy life all year long. While key for those who work at home, no matter how much or little time you spend there, January is the time to put make those home office organizing tips work to your advantage. From having a clean, well thought out floor plan and furniture Read more

Home Office Organizing Tips ~ Tackle the Little Things

  I can’t stand a to-do list full of little things nagging at me while I manage my days.  This week is all about how to handle those crumbs. The 4th in our series “GO MOM!® Organizing Tips” and January is all about your Home Office.  Its a year long series designed to focus on one area of your home, one process in your busy life as a Mom, our goal is to help you get Read more

How to Choose Must Have Office Supplies

Must Have Office Supplies by mygomom on Polyvore Let’s face it, new and colorful office supplies have to be one of my favorite parts of getting my home office organized. This week we are talking about office supplies and how they impact your process.  There is nothing more fun than adding color and style to your process. As you can tell from above, I’m a huge fan of acrylic, lucite, and anything clear so you Read more

Home Office Organizing Tips ~ Clean It Out

The most obvious home office organizing tip has to be to simply clean it out.  But as you and I both know, that can be easier said than done!  Welcome to week 2 for GO MOM!® Organizing Tips where January is all about your Home Office. With a “Live Like you are Moving” mentality we are helping you get through one key space or process, one month at at time all year long. Last week we worked Read more

Home Office Organizing Tips ~ Evaluate Your Space

Its January and that means our GO MOM!® Organizing Tips Series starts again focused on all things Home Office. Think like you are moving. You’ve just found out you’ve got to move, get your house listed, and girlfriend you’ve got some serious purging and organizing to do. Well that’s the mentality this entire series all year long will have and for the month of January there is no better place to start than evaluating the Read more

How to Make Organized Conference Calls

              Summer work schedules are nothing if not fluid as busy Moms juggle kids in the house and the need to have meetings. I find that to maximize my time at home, having virtual meetings can make all the difference.  This means my conference calls are frequent and therefore its imperative they be well organized and efficient.  If this sounds like you, check out my guest post on Dr. Mommy and Read more

Organizing Files in Your Home Office

With Memorial Day Weekend just ahead, I am always tempted to see a long holiday weekend as a great chance to tackle big projects.  Ours usually include yard work and entertaining but on the off chance you’ll find yourself inside, you just might want to think about organizing files in your home office before the summer is in full swing.  For most busy Moms, summer work schedules challenge our flexibility and if you happen to Read more

Organized Business Cards

In the social media world, its conference season and that means if I’m networking successfully, I’m collecting business cards and lots of them.  When it comes to actually keeping business cards organized, its always tempting to simply leave them in a stack until I can follow up with each person one at a time.  But we both know that never works out.  Left too long you forget why you talked to that person in the Read more

How to Organize An Office

http://www.youtube.com/v/ErbISoNQiho?version=3&hl=en_US Today we are talking about how to organize an office. I’ve recently reorganized my office to accommodate all of the needs that everyone seems to have. My office happens to be located right off our garage door entryway so it naturally begs for people to come into it. As well, it has a few multi-purpose functions so let me show you the solutions that really made a difference in taking care of all of Read more

Martha Stewart Home Office Product Review

http://www.youtube.com/v/o6t1Z9zXoUc?version=3&hl=en_US Today we are talking about office products. You had to know they had me at binder! When the folks working with Martha Stewart on her Home Office Line by Avery Products and available exclusively at Staples reached out to me and said “We have a binder we think you might love.” And they were totally right! So let me give you a few insights about what I’m loving about the all new, extremely elegant Read more