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How to Pack Your Van for an Organized Road Trip

Summer means family travel and for busy Moms that can mean you are on a road trip more weekends than not.  From travel youth sports schedules that seem to last all summer long (can I get an amen?) to impromptu weekend getaways, there are countless reasons to load up the van and go. And for some families it might just be that first magical visit to Walt Disney World that makes a road trip so important for making memories that last >> Read More

Cool Features in the 2012 Honda CRV By now you may know that last fall I had the honor to attend the 2012 Honda CRV Ride and Drive.   A long time fan of the brand with a soon to be licensed teen driver, I was delighted to have the opportunity to interact with the brand up close and personal and when relevant, have chosen to share tidbits I think will be useful to you.  In this case, its all about cool >> Read More

How to Test Drive a Car I am the mother of a soon to be licensed teen driver. This terrifies me more than you can know.  No longer can I keep him safe by buckling him into a car seat built like Mt. Rushmore and drive under the speed limit at off peak times, making sure my every move keeps him in a cocoon.  Instead, our conversation runs something like this: Child: “Mom can I go to Subway with John?” >> Read More

Mom Bloggers Review the Honda CRV In October 2011, I was honored to attend the Honda CRV Ride and Drive event. Along with social media influencers from across the country, we were treated to an amazing 2 days full of brand insights, driving, and all kinds of fun. At the end of the event, Honda posted this mash up of influencer insights and I am delighted to see my clip made the cut. As the Mom of a teen driver >> Read More

How to Make a Leap List for 2012

I don’t have a bucket list. I don’t want to live my life with the framework of things I want to do before I die. It just seems like that mindset totally tempts fate. My mother is 71 and she has a bucket list. She says that eventually life takes its payment and so she wants to make sure she ready when its due by pursuing her interests now. Her list includes world travel and >> Read More

How to Organize your Cargo in a 2012 Honda CRV

Keeping a secret is HARD!  A few weeks ago I was blessed with the amazing opportunity to attend the 2012 Honda CR-V Ride and Drive Event hosted by American Honda Corporation in Carlsbad California. The goal of the event was to introduce the highly anticipated, all-new Honda CR-V. If you love cars and are looking for a smaller SUV, chances are the CR-V is on top of your list thanks to its new styling, higher >> Read More

Tips for Teens Buying Their First Car As the Mom of a teenager with his Driver’s Permit, like it or not I’m going to find myself in the automobile market soon.  My first car didn’t’ come until college and as I price teen drivers insurance, I can see the merits in holding off for our son until he is on his way to college and beyond.  However our family dynamic and his aggressive high school sports schedule will demand that we >> Read More

My Family’s 2011 Honda Odyssey Review Last week my family joined me at The Disney Social Media Moms Celebration.  We chose to drive and from North Carolina, Walt Disney World is about 10 hours and 600 miles each way, most all of it on I95.  I’m a huge fan of road trips and so it was only fitting to partner with American Honda Corporation and test drive the darling of the new minivans for 2011, the Honda Odyssey Touring Elite After spending so >> Read More

Tips for Mobile Moms Working on the Go

Every week I spend a minimum of 8 hours driving my kids to school and activities.  Some of that time is spent waiting in carpool, at an activity, or at a sports field while kids learn, practice and play.  The good news?  Waiting time is found time for a mobile mom working on the go.  With a little planning, you can increase your productivity for home management and work responsibilities by tackling certain tasks in >> Read More