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Get Organized for Holiday Guests

November means the holidays are here! And just like that, your planner got busy mysteriously adding a huge list of must do chores, activities, and all kinds of chaos while you were busy putting away all that Halloween decor.  If you are like me, some of those items include getting ready for holiday guests.  No matter if it’s a simply impromptu gathering of neighbors on a rare open weekend night or a scheduled family visit that >> Read More

Hostess Gifts for the Holidays ~ GO MOM!

I love picking out hostess gifts for the holidays! With the holiday season in full swing, its easy to get caught up in your busy social calendar and without realizing it, overlooking the hostess who made it all possible to be part of an incredible holiday event.  If you are blessed to attend more than one special holiday affair, you’ve got more than one person to thank for using their gifts to spread holiday cheer.  To make >> Read More