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Holiday Gifts

How To Save Time and Shop Online Black Friday! Cyber Monday! This year the holiday retail word on the street is there’s never been a better time to shop online.  The holidays can be very overwhelming when it comes to shopping because you are constantly doing it! You might be doing weekly grocery shopping but you have to buy more food for holiday entertaining. You may need to buy new clothes for your kids because they’ve outgrown their jeans, you know >> Read More

HTC Flyer Tablet Review Holiday Tech 2011

My kids love technology ~ what’s new?  If you are raising kids then you are navigating technology and when it comes to my teens, they are always interested in the latest new thing.  This year, its all about tablets.  My sons are constantly reminding me that most of their friends have not just one IPad or Tablet at home, but often there are at least two for everyone to share, not to count laptops and >> Read More

Leap Frog Toy Review for Holiday 2011

I think Leap Frog products are brilliant. Having two of our three children struggle with reading in their early years, I was always looking for ways to enrich their otherwise frustrating experience with reading opportunities that were pressure free. So when Mom Select reached out to invite me to host a “Leap Frog Learn, Create, Share” Party I immediately said yes. Not only to share a brand that played a huge role in making reading >> Read More

Spaces to Organize for the Holidays Now Its time to talk the “H” word.  Everyone is saying it ~ I even heard the clerks at Target have a countdown clock. Of course for them its counting down to when the “H” season, and the insanity, is over.  Yes…its true, I’m talking HOLIDAYS!   I know you are thinking “Come on Molly!  Its the last day of September ~ we’ve got plenty of time.”  Not so fast sister!  From October 1 to >> Read More