Holiday Gifts

Fun White Elephant Gifts for Teens

I’ve never been a huge giver of white elephant gifts and I think I might be missing out.  I have friends who exchange them with family and friends and always share such fun tales about the gift exchange and what a great time everyone has.  I think I’ve always been too practical to start this tradition on my own.  But when it comes to teens, I’m finding ~ at least for our youngest ~  it’s Read more

How to Organize A Holiday Budget

Just in case you haven’t noticed, the end of the year holiday season is upon us and its time to talk about how organize a holiday budget. And thanks to the planning tools in our GO MOM!® DIY Holiday Bundle I’m not worried one bit about how I’ll make it all happen. Because I’m the kind of person who both loves a great deal and has to be in the actual season to decorate, entertain, and buy gifts, that means Read more

A Classic Christmas with Stone’s Education and Toys

The holiday shopping season is upon us and I’m excited to get started finding the perfect gift for the ones I love. I’m one of those people who needs to actually be in the season before I can decide what I want to buy for everyone. I know, seems opposite of my organized ways, but I think for me this is really about tradition. I love to visit the stores when they are decorated from Read more

Raleigh C.Wonder #UnWrapWonder Holiday Shopping Event

Happy Holidays GO MOM! Friends!  If you live in the Raleigh area, its time to tackle those last minute gifts and find something special for your holiday look. Thanks to MomTrends and C.Wonder, I have just the event to help you get it all done. On Thursday, December 12th, I’ll be hosting a C.Wonder #UnWrapWonder Holiday Shopping Event at the Streets of Southpoint and would love to see you there!  Thanks to MomTrends, ours is Read more

Holiday Baking Plan

I absolutely adore holiday baking!  One of my favorite parts of our Christmas celebration, I’m always looking for new recipes to share and festive ways to package them as I go.  Just check out our Organized Holiday Baking Pinterest Board and you’ll see exactly what I mean.  Today we are talking about how to Outsmart the Holiday Chaos when it comes to baking.  Believe it or not, something that is so fun and delicious can Read more

Return Gifts with UPS ~ National Returns Day

  Are you planning to return gifts you just love for the thought but have to return for any number of reasons?  There’s nothing worse than waiting in line, not having the necessary items needed, and spending more money than you have to in order to get the gift right. Make the most of your time and join me for the National Returns Day Twitter Party with UPS!  Hosted by the fabulous @AudreyMcClellan and @VeraSweeney , I’m tickled to join Read more

Last Minute Gifts for Teens

Raise your hand if you find yourself staring at the final shopping weekend before Christmas and you’re scrambling for last minute gifts for teens! No matter how many times you ask, it can be so hard to get your teens to give you ideas for gifts that you can both agree on. One category I’ve found to be a home run year after is without a doubt technology. Thanks to a recent upgrade offer from Read more

How to Organize Holiday Travel, Gifts, and Cards

Just a few days before Christmas Break and the forecast for the east coast and major airports involves tons of snow! For busy Moms who are traveling with kids this could be a nightmare so now is a great time to share tips about travel and gifts. Accept that with just a few days left, certain shortcuts may cost you money but are well worth your time if they give the much needed peace of Read more

Last Minute Music Gifts for Kids

With just 8 shopping days left, the holidays are here and its time to get those last minute gifts done! My kids love music and portable music gifts are on their Christmas lists every year. Updating a post from last year, here are my tips for last minute music gifts for kids ~ enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/v/r4E_Cvr-0ng&hl=en_US&feature=player_embedded&version=3 You might regularly think of Staples as your go to destination for business or home office supplies.   Staples does a Read more

How to Choose Holiday Entertaining Gifts

Let the festivities begin!  The first week of December is behind us and if you are like most busy Moms, you probably have a few seasonal events booked on your calendar that will keep you both busy and hopefully oh so blessed.  I love the themed aspect of holiday entertaining and am always on the lookout for the perfect item to bring with me.  I love to find things that are unique , sometimes seasonal Read more