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Graduation Gift Ideas {High School Students}

Graduation gift ideas are harder to decide on than you think. As we prepare for our first child to graduate high school next week, I suddenly find myself completely stumped when it comes to deciding what to get him. As a child who has been so blessed through his high school years, he’s not in need of the obvious technology gifts. We considered taking a special trip just parents and graduate but decided we’d rather Read more

Senior Year Tips ~ Your Calendar and Graduation

Today we are talking senior year tips for high school graduation and your calendar. Every busy Mom knows that when you get to May and June depending on the school year, you are overrun with can’t miss dates. From the end of the season, competition play offs, to the end of the school year picnic, to exams ~ you name it, our calendars are basically in lock down. And when it comes to your child’s Read more

Best Gifts for High School Teachers

The best gifts for high school teachers are harder to come by than you think. Not because the teachers aren’t grateful or hard to buy for but because your kids might not be willing to participate. Harsh as that sounds, by the time your kids get to high school, the last thing they want to do is be caught giving their teacher a gift. No matter if its Christmas, Teacher Appreciation Week, or the end of Read more

Senior Year Tips ~ Choosing Graduation Announcements

Today we are talking senior year tips and choosing graduation announcements.  You may know that I have a high school senior graduating in 6 short weeks so I’ve got a million and one things to do that are senior year related. And of course what do I do when I come upon a new organizational issue?  I share it with you!  I hope for many of you this series will be relevant for where you are or Read more

How to Take Prom Pictures

Prom Pictures are a key memento for a night that is surely to be a very special time for your high school junior or senior. As our teens began to attend prom, we were surprised to learn that at least for our high school, there isn’t an opportunity for the kids to take a professional photo on site at prom. Gone are the days of that great pic with the prom theme stated across the finished Read more

7 Planning Tips for a Perfect Prom

Mid April and prom season has arrived! For the next 6 weeks, one or more high school communities in most every city in the nation will be celebrating this special event for juniors and seniors. And while the prom committees, staff, and administration are busy making sure everything is ready for the dance itself, its up to the kids to organize the rest of the night. And here is where a well organized Mom can Read more

Letting Go So Your Kids Can Grow

Remember when your kids were babies and how hard it was to leave them in someone else’s care the very first time?  Torn between thinking you might die if you didn’t get back right away and knowing you’d go crazy if you didn’t have just a few minutes to yourself, this first outing away from your baby was a milestone for letting go.  For me, the next one happened in pre school.  Each child so Read more

Report Cards ~ Should Parents Pay For Grades?

Halfway through the school year and we’ve just received the 2nd round of report cards for our children.  Proud of their hard work, it has long been our tradition to take our children out for a special family dinner to celebrate their accomplishments. Because we don’t eat out often, this has always been a much anticipated ritual and no matter what the final grades are, the focus is on their hard work, achievements, and their Read more

I am Not Ready

Our oldest child is graduating high school in June.  I have finally ordered his cap and gown, his senior pictures, and his final yearbook.  I put it off as long as I could before he’d be in trouble with the delivery dates.  I procrastinated each of these orders nervous to hit send with each and every one.  I am not ready. He has finished college testing, college tours, and college applications and is waiting to Read more

Mom can I have the keys to your car?

Today our oldest child becomes a licensed driver.  He is taller than I.  He is careful and confident.  He is responsible and well liked.  He is a dedicated and successful student and athlete.  I am not ready. He has always loved cars, watching his first Indianapolis 500 on his Grandpa’s knee and still to this day a race car fan.  He would spend hours in his Coupe, content to power it with his own two Read more