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5 Ways Beat the Heat with Old Fashioned Fun

As we turn the corner on late July and welcome the hottest days our summer will likely offer, its time to beat the heat with some old fashioned fun.  By now, you’ve likely used up a number of your best ideas for summer fun and you might be finding yourself stressed at the prospect of facing hotter than comfortable days with seemingly nothing “fun” today.  But before you bang you head against the wall wondering >> Read More

3 Tips to Get Organized During a Heat Wave

Today we are talking tips to get organized during a heat wave.  When you can’t remember the last time you stepped outside without breaking a sweat within the first five minutes, that’s your sign its time to head back inside and find something else to do. Let’s face it, even the pool get’s too hot to be refreshing and if you want to take a bath, that’s better done at home anyway. So from my organized >> Read More