What NOT to do on Halloween Night

I love Halloween! While I’m not a huge fan of the more gruesome focus that seems to be on trend right now, classic more cheerful Halloween decor and festivities are always in style. My fondness for this season surely stems from having delightful memories of my childhood Halloweens.  Determined to fill an entire pillow case, we travelled the neighborhood in packs of kids far and wide to reach that famed “full pillowcase” status each and every year.  Always a fun night Read more

Fast and Easy Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Halloween week has arrived it’s time to carve pumpkins!  Some years we’ve got all kinds of carving time and if that is the case, I love choosing elaborate carving designs. When done carefully, they are truly beautiful and so much fun light our way on Halloween night. As my children have gotten older, they’ve developed unique carving styles ~ no joke! One chooses the easiest possible design imaginable, another chooses designs so elaborate they rarely work out Read more

3 Tips for How to Use Halloween Candy

Note:  First shared in 2013, this sponsored post for Hershey’s is your secret to Halloween candy management 101! Plan your post trick or treat candy strategy now and you’ll be all set by November 1st! Once Halloween has come and gone, its time to answer the  really big questions in life like what do you do with leftover candy? In my years as a Mom, I’ve found that you are either in the camp who Read more

Shortcuts for an Easy Halloween

When it comes to Halloween, I’m all about shortcuts that keep my holiday to-do list running smoothly while we actually focus on the fun.  And having special traditions goes a long way to to knock out a variety of Halloween activities in one fell swoop.  At it’s most basic, each year we dedicate a day for pumpkin carving in the afternoon followed by a cookout.  Depending on what day of the week Halloween falls on, we’ve often done Read more

Halloween Traditions and How to Boo

With just a week until Halloween, it’s time to get your Boo on!  Booing is a fabulous Halloween tradition that we’ve celebrated with neighbors for years, both when our children were much younger in Virginia and now here in North Carolina as they’ve grown older. Its a family activity that everyone enjoys which speaks volumes since they span elementary all the way through to college aged. Some years we are the first to get the Booing started and others we Read more

How to Organize Halloween Decor

Just case you didn’t know, in this house we absolutely love Halloween! This year I’ve been refreshing our decor inside and out and I’m loving the look we currently have.  For inside decor, my biggest change has been to decorate our hall bench area.  For years I totally overlooked how this spot could highlight seasonal influences.  Because this bench is at the base of our stairs to the 2nd level, we pass it each and Read more

How To Manage Halloween Schedules

  Its Halloween week and that means Halloween schedules that can wreak havoc on your goal for everyone to have fun. Part of my ongoing series on the Primrose Schools Dr. Z and Friends blog, today we are offering tips on how to handle those Halloween schedules. Always fun but sometimes tricky, if Halloween falls on any other night than Friday or Saturday, its a juggle managing the anticipation and all the other activities your Read more

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

We love Halloween and every year I’m looking for the latest pumpkin decorating ideas that are equal parts decor, function, and fun. Our Halloween Pinterest Board is full of all things clever and colorful and this year’s trend to personalize pumpkins caught my eye early. This past weekend I tried my hand at tackling my own Halloween monogram and oh how fun! With a little help from a good friend who owns a Cricket  Craft Read more

Halloween Traditions and Forever Friends at Build-A-Bear Workshop

First shared on Build-A-Bear Workshop’s Behind The Seams Blog, I’m honored to be a Friends Count Ambassador and bring you the latest news from the friendliest company I know! Today I want to share 3 ideas for how you can incorporate Seasonal traditions with Build-A-Bear Workshop Forever Friends just like Pumpkin Pal Teddy. She’s adorable isn’t she? Just one in a series of wonderful Halloween bears and here are a few ideas of how we incorporate Read more

Fall Stock Up for Holiday Fun

Because we love Halloween, in my house holiday fun kicks off in October and dominates till the end of the year. I do my best to focus on the holidays at hand but we both know a busy Mom’s to-do list never ends. Right about now your kids have transitioned from their Back to School shock and hopefully they are in a great routine. That means you can start to focus on all the special Read more