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Why I’m Okay with Girl Scout Cookies

For much of the country, Girl Scout cookie season is in full swing.  And if you haven’t had a scout stop by your door, you’ve likely seen them staffing booths at many of your local stores. This year I agreed to serve as my daughter’s Girl Scout troop cookie Mom.  I have absolutely no interest in total sales, increasing sales, pushing my own girl to sell, or anything along those lines.  My daughter is smitten >> Read More

Girl Scout Cookies for Super Bowl Sunday

Girl Scout Cookies® are the highlight of the Girl Scout year. In North Carolina, we’ve already had our first round delivery and I’m giddy…thus the post.  Before I go one step further, this post is entirely my own, not sponsored, and purely for the love of the tradition that is Girl Scouts, cookies and growing up. I’m not the troop Cookie Mom, definitely NOT the troop leader, and am not selling cookies on behalf of my >> Read More