Family Vacation

Plan Your Family’s Next Outdoor Adventure

To know me is to know I love summer and being outdoors ~ the more of both the better! So to take the edge off of how much I wish summer would never end, I welcome fall by planning my family’s next outdoor adventure. Because Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer, hanging on to the last three weeks of my favorite season can be a challenge. And there is no question our family’s Read more

How to Manage Travel Sports and Summer Vacation

If you are a Mom with kids in travel sports, you probably just spent Memorial Day weekend on the sidelines cheering your player on. While families all over are starting their summer or nearing the end of the school year, your family is gearing up for a summer on the road managing packed weekends at tournaments all over the state (or beyond) and keeping the rest of your family happy too. Travel sports parents know their summer schedule Read more

Disney Sports Team Mom Tips ~ Tournament Hotels

One of the most important aspects of the youth sports travel tournament experience is determining where will your players and families stay. When you participate in one of the many events hosted by or held at Walt Disney World’s ESPN Wide World of Sports, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that there are a number of Walt Disney World Resort Hotels to pick from that include Disney Resort Perks that are available only to guests staying at Read more

How to Pack Your Van for an Organized Road Trip

Summer means family travel and for busy Moms that can mean you are on a road trip more weekends than not.  From travel youth sports schedules that seem to last all summer long (can I get an amen?) to impromptu weekend getaways, there are countless reasons to load up the van and go. And for some families it might just be that first magical visit to Walt Disney World that makes a road trip so important for making memories that last Read more

Best Water Park Packing Tips

July is a perfect time to hit the water park and today I am sharing some of my best packing tips for this unique family travel activity. I shot this video while attending a media FAM Trip at SeaWorld in June 2011.  Discovery Cove’s Grand Reef was the perfect backdrop to collect great ideas to help you be prepared on your next water destination vacation. A destination like Discovery Cove and the Grand Reef is entirely inclusive so you Read more

6 Hurricane Tips for Family Vacations

I love our North Carolina summers that include family vacations to one of our beautiful beaches. Yes, vacations is plural for a reason ~ I simply can’t get enough of the beach and am always hopeful I’ll find myself visiting more than once. Unfortunately, a North Carolina summer also includes hurricane season and when it comes to family vacations, having a few hurricane tips in your back pocket before you leave home can make all the difference if Read more

4th of July Weekend Getaway ~ Wilmington and Beaches, NC

The 4th of July begs for a weekend getaway and because this year it falls on a Friday, I couldn’t be more tempted to load up my family and hit the road.  Living in the suburbs of Raleigh, NC, we are within a two hour drive to some of North Carolina’s best beaches and I can honestly say there’s not a summer weekend that goes by that doesn’t tempt me to do the same.  The beach is home to me.  It’s Read more

The WAHM Summer Juggle ~ Work and Vacation

Work and vacation can have a very hard time getting along.  Ironic that we work all year long to make sure we can afford to take that time off and when the chance finally arrives, its so hard for us to truly walk away.  Today we are talking about the summer juggle when it comes to work and vacation. Hopefully this summer includes some time off for you. Time where you don’t have anything you Read more

Disney Sports Team Mom Tips ~ Staying Fit on the Road

Staying fit on the road is a challenge for anyone who travels. But when it comes to a summer full of travel sports for your youth athlete, fitting in those daily workouts while navigating tournament logistics, venues, and countless hotel rooms is a busy team mom’s nemesis. Unless of course you are participating in a tournaments at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports.  As in all things, Walt Disney World has you covered. Thanks to a broad Read more

Disney Sports Team Mom Tips ~ Family Fun After the Game

If you are a busy Team Mom trying to decide which tournament will be the one that can offer the most not only for your players but for the families as well, all I can say is check out your options at ESPN Wide World of Sports.  When you attend a Disney Sports Tournament either hosted by Disney or one of the many organizations who partner year round, you have an awesome opportunity to visit Read more