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Saving Money with UPromise while Holiday Shopping

Please note that I was compensated for the content in this post. However all opinions expressed below are my own based on my personal experience with Upromise. When it comes to holiday shopping, saving money is king.  But let’s be honest ~ if what I have to do to save isn’t easy, I’m far less likely to make the effort. That’s why when Upromise reached out about this sponsored post I thought the timing was >> Read More

Summer Vacation and Your Personal Information

Friday the 13th seems like a great day to talk about travel safety and your personal finance.  After all, I can’t think of  a more superstitious day, full of Murphy’s Law coincidence and the certainty that something bad is going to happen.  But optimist that I am, with a little forethought and planning, your summer vacation doesn’t have to be unlucky at all.  Mid-July means summer is in full swing and for many families, now >> Read More

How to be a Smart Shopper Today we are talking about how to be a smart shopper. With so many items needing to be replaced, taken care of, or simply readily available, Moms find themselves shopping on a regular basis. Whether its food, toiletries, or boring things like putting on new tires, the bottom line is YOU are the consumer out there making that product decision and most often the one who executes the actual purchase. Here are three tips >> Read More

Is your Identity Safe at Tax Time?

  As March winds down, like it or not, tax time is almost here! Its amazing how just one day can cause so much stress yet simultaneously inspire an avalanche of renewed commitment to manage your personal finances. For the past 12 years, I’ve had a home based business and as such, we have always worked with a specialized tax accountant to manage both our personal and my professional tax concerns. Having an advisor who >> Read More

6 Tips to Protect Kids Personal Information

Sometimes it seems I’m surrounded in personal information. Not the TMI kind but that of my busy kids who keep my garage door on pace for a world record for most cycles in a single day. We encourage our children to find what makes them happy and then pursue it with a passion.  From sports to music, academic interests and more, the goal has never been to raise a child who is super at everything >> Read More

How to Use Coupons to Try New Products

I LOVE to use coupons!  While I’m no pro, I have made the choice, and commitment, to make couponing a priority and found that it truly pays off.  How do I know? Because my grocery bill is getting smaller while my pantry and bathroom shelves for stocking up are getting fuller.  Here are the steps that have gotten me to this place of having my coupon groove on: 1.  I have a binder and I >> Read More

How to Shop Now for Christmas Next Year

I love finding great deals on holiday merchandise just after Christmas! Things like picture frames, candle holders, cookie platters and more. These are all wonderful items to have on hand to share with teachers, neighbors, and friends, worth far more than you paid and bringing everyone holiday joy. However this year it seems holiday merchandise is in slim supply and we haven’t even hit Christmas! I’m a modest holiday shopper, not going overboard and obedient >> Read More

How to Get Organized for the New Year with a Budget This is week 2 of how to get organized in December for the New Year ahead. When you are busy thinking about all the things you want to plan for in the new year, just like the holidays, it all starts with a budget.  After you’ve got your calendar mapped out and color coded and you have a general road map of where your life may already be committed, now we need to put >> Read More

How to Organize Receipts Welcome to Willow House Wednesday! Every week I’ll feature one Willow House product with an organized twist helping you see how you can get organized with style. My pick for this week is the Morningside Caddy. Partly because its included in the amazing September Organization Sale but mostly because its the perfect tool to help corral receipts. I don’t know about you but my kitchen counters beg to be cluttered and quite simply, that >> Read More

Stay Connected at She Streams by Minding Your Money In today’s busy world, more and more Moms find themselves serving as the family financial manager. Regardless of our working status, its a natural extension given that we are both decision makers about consumer spending and most often also the person who actually completes the transaction. Naturally we find ourselves managing bank accounts, balancing checkbooks, setting budgets, and yes, handing out allowances to teach our children the same. When you travel for work, you >> Read More