7 Holiday Traditions Worth Your Time

I can’t believe Christmas is just 2 weeks away! And if you are anything like me, that means it’s go time for your favorite family holiday traditions to take place. But if you are tapped for time and want to make sure that the holiday traditions you choose instill in your children are worth your time and their memories year after year, then here are my top pick for holiday traditions that stick! Acts of Read more

Why I Need to Take Time for Me

At the beginning of this year, I added a new and wonderful role to my work, designing home organization solutions here in the Raleigh area.  I LOVE what I do but can I just tell you something? I had no idea how bad I’d be about taking care of me! Like oh my word are you kidding me bad at taking care of me! Moms know that life comes at you fast and from the moment Read more

Juggling Work and Family and Not Doing it Well

Juggling work and family isn’t something I talk about often.  I’ve been blessed to work both from home and for myself for the last 16 years so I’ve had a great measure of control over how those two worlds collide and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.  While this lifestyle has come at great sacrifice financially compared to a full time career, it has afforded me the opportunity to be the stay at home Mom Read more

Snow Day Survival Tips for Busy Moms

If anyone knows how to juggle, it is busy Moms.  But when it comes to snow days, the bar goes up.  Much like those unexpected days when your kids are sick, snow days require adjusting schedules, managing work commitments, and increased household chores to keep things clean.  Yet depending on what the illness is, sick days can actually be easier to juggle than snow days.  You get windows to work while your kids rest and its easy to Read more

Thanksgiving Memories ~ The Kids Table

Lets be honest. When it comes to Thanksgiving, the kids table is where the fun begins! I truly wish that I could give my children the same fond memories of family Thanksgivings and my time at the kids table that I will always hold dear. Between my parents, they have 9 siblings and the 1960s what they were, among them were many children making for a wonderful extended family for us to visit every year Read more

How to Host a Family Friendly Super Bowl Sunday

Shared for the first time last year, these Super Bowl Sunday tips are timeless in my home because if its my turn to host, that means kids will attend and our day will be a blast. Can’t wait to see your Super Bowl Sunday tips for a family friendly day! http://www.youtube.com/v/eovZdzmtims?version=3&hl=en_US This weekend is Super Bowl Sunday and if you are like many Moms I know, you are either hosting or gathering with your family Read more