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Fall Stock Up for Holiday Fun

Because we love Halloween, in my house holiday fun kicks off in October and dominates till the end of the year. I do my best to focus on the holidays at hand but we both know a busy Mom’s to-do list never ends. Right about now your kids have transitioned from their Back to School shock and hopefully they are in a great routine. That means you can start to focus on all the special >> Read More

Easy Meals {Beef and Bean Burritos}

Because easy meals are a busy Mom’s best friend, this fall you’ll find me posting every now and again about my favorite finds that are not only super easy for me to prepare but that my entire family loves too.  This week’s post features Beef and Bean Burritos from The Pioneer Woman.  I’ve been in awe of Ree Drummond since meeting her in person at Blogher 2011.  On the same connecting flight from Houston to San >> Read More

Back to School Checklist for Parents

I love back to school season!  While I always miss my children when they go back to school each fall, I love the excitement and anticipation the new year can bring.  What I don’t love is realizing how much work it might mean for me.  Let’s face it, the start of a new school year means adjustments for the entire family and it often starts with you.  This week, I’m delighted to be featured on Primrose >> Read More

How to Clean with Kids and Have Fun

I have a secret and its time to tell the world. I don’t like to clean. I know, that probably is a huge surprise, but just because I’m a Home Organization Expert doesn’t mean I carry a wash bucket or feather duster in my back pocket with a smile on my face. Along with our teenage sons, my husband and I clean bathrooms, vacuum and sweep weekly and I wash linens weekly. I also mop >> Read More

How to Get Control of Your Frantic Fall

http://vp.mgnetwork.net/viewer.swf?u=f31807963114102faba2001ec92a4a0d&z=WNV&embed_player=1 Fall is a wonderful time of year full of new beginnings and a fresh season with all kinds of fun.  But from one busy Mom to another, lets just put it out there that by the first week of October, most of us are losing our minds.  Adjusting to paperwork, carpool, and the dinner time scramble seem to never go away leaving us worn out long before the lights are out.  Here are a >> Read More

3 Organizing Tips to Jumpstart Your Fall

http://www.youtube.com/v/NRvL5RveG6Q?version=3&hl=en_US Once the kids are back to school, everyone seems eager to welcome Fall.  With the official first day just around the corner, cooler temps in Raleigh this weekend mean blue jeans and this Yankee moved south is not pleased with that on any level. So while I’m in denial, lets focus on getting organized for Fall and ways you can get a jump start so you can enjoy the best the season has to >> Read More

Magic of Healthy Living Interview with Darrell Green

http://www.youtube.com/v/xitPM0NvFoM?version=3&hl=en_US I’ve had it. Clearly it’s time to face the music. Or look at my calendar to see gaping holes where workouts should be. Or (gasp) look in the mirror and notice that once my tan fades, I’m staring at my slightly smooshy self. While I may be happy with my size, I’m not happy with my fitness level and fall is where the rubber meets the road. Now that the kids are back to >> Read More

Fall Tune Up and Pre-Holiday Planning

The new school year is well under way and my family is in a groove. First quarter is about to draw to a close, reports cards will come home, and some Fall activates are winding down already with the promise of early Winter sports just a few short weeks away.  So how are you doing?  Do you feel like you are working hard and a making it work?  Or are you doing everything at once >> Read More

Productivity, Moms, and an Early Morning

  In the Fall of 2010, I was honored to work with Sam’s Club as their “Back At It” Spokesperson during the busy back to school season. Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing these posts here and there because I think you’ll find them right on time as busy Moms adjust and get settled into new routines. Let me know what you think!   Do you ever have those days when your morning >> Read More

Fall Schedule and How To Be Flexible

http://www.youtube.com/v/en-oVm-hYsM&hl=en_US&feature=player_embedded&version=3 Today, we’re going to be taking about schedules and routines. Why? Because this is the 1st week of October closing out and hopefully, by now you would have downloaded our Fall Organizing Checklist. On this checklist, you’ll find all sorts of great solutions for things you need to take care of over the next 3 months. These 3 months can be extremely busy and hectic and you do need to stay on top of >> Read More