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Valentine Party Ideas for Room Moms

If you are an elementary school room mom, right about now you may find yourself scrambling for Valentine party ideas.  Volunteering is almost always more work than we anticipate and I’ll be the first to give you a fist bump for saying yes to serving as the room mom either on your own or by default. But please don’t ever feel bad if you find yourself behind the “not nearly ready to have the party” eight ball >> Read More

5 Tips for an Organized School Book Fair

October means its Scholastic Book Fair time and today I’ve got some first hand tips about how you can create a truly organized and successful school event. While I always volunteer for our book fairs, I’ve spent a few of those years serving in a leadership role and have come to find out there are a few key things to keep in mind no matter if you are simply volunteering to staff set-up, preview or buy days, tear >> Read More

Kids Backpacks and School Papers

Today we are talking about kids backpacks and school papers ~ how you can get through them with the best result.  Kids backpacks ~ you gotta love them! Who knows what’s in there at the end of the day right? Well the challenge for a busy Mom is you need to know what’s in there because you need to stay in touch with your child’s school, teachers, and stay on top of how your child >> Read More

Get Organized on Back to School Night

Not long after the first day of school, it’s time for back to school night just for parents.  A kind of meet the teacher for grown ups, these school meetings in a parents only setting give our children’s teachers the opportunity to give us scoop on what we can expect for our children in the coming year.  I’m always grateful for back to school night because it gets me in the zone, gets my calendar set >> Read More

6 Tips for Summer Learning

It’s time to talk summer learning. Everywhere you turn you are bombarded with messages about how your child will suffer unless you make sure they spend the summer hitting the books. As a Mom of a new high school graduate all the way to an older elementary student, I can tell you I’ve had my fair share of summer learning worries.  But at the end of the day, summer learning is only as valuable as >> Read More

5 Tips to Organize Kids Artwork

Today we are talking about kids artwork. Show me a busy Mom in May who isn’t over run with all those school papers but more importantly all that kids artwork! It changes as they get older but it makes it even more precious because it can be far and few between. May is Memorabilia Month in our year long GO MOM! Organizing Tips Series so check out these 5 tips to help you organize kids >> Read More

Valentine’s Day Classroom Treats for Tweens

Finding Valentine’s Day classroom treats for tweens is tricky business. As a room Mom, I’m still thinking all things creative, cute and delicious right? But not when it comes to tweens. Equal parts somewhat awkward as they try to act older yet still wanting to be little in so many ways, suddenly the room Mom walks a fine line between gross and cool risking lifelong embarrassment if you make the wrong call. And lets be >> Read More

Bus Safety and Wake County, North Carolina

Riding the school bus should be nothing if its not safe right? Think mechanically sound, a bus driver with a clean police check, good driving record, and a measure of interpersonal skills to reassure you that he or she is in charge of the children while in their care, aware of any issues, and able to communicate clearly the 411 on how things are handled.  Parents of children in public education depend on the bus >> Read More